Enable Bluetooth Heart Rate Profile and Health Device Profile (HDP)


I’d love the ability to use my Wyze Band with external heart rate readers like Sleep as Android but the device would need to have the Bluetooth HRP (Heart Rate Profile) enabled as a minimum.

The device shows up as a Bluetooth LE Device but doesn’t have all the Heart Rate and Health Device Profiles.

While you’re poking around, could the Bluetooth HRS (Heart Rate Service) be enabled too?

This likely would apply the Wyze Scale as well.


I would love this as well! I hope it is possible!
I run with Nike+ for about a decade now and it has the ability to keep the heart rate. My heart rate sensor broke and was excited to be able to use this instead of buying a new one.

I would like this same feature so I can connect the band to my peloton when working out, or my phone when using other workout app like orange theory and pelotonApp on iPhone