Email notification with attached snapshots/photos taken on motion detection



I agree. The best way for me is to get an email with 5 thumnails of the motion detected. I use IFTTT to save the attachments into a folder and i can view that folder when Im ready.

Video of the motion detection is nice but too time consuming THUS you miss the culprit in the mass of alerts


Here is another one

  1. Trigger on motion etc or a specific time
  2. Send a snapshot to a cloud AI service using a network such as YOLO3
  3. Send the AL labeled image back with category flags and bounding boxes on image
  4. Use the category labels to decide on action, email or notification list.
  5. Implement the selected actions.

Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions

One more

  • send triggered audio to a audio recognition AI service on the cloud
  • use the labeled audio to select an action such as sending transcript to user via email or drive


With Email notification it would be possible to receive alert notifications as SMS text message with most cell providers email-ro-sms service, such as Verizon’s VText, even when your phone is not connected to wifi/mobile-data(4G)


Iam using ip camera for many years. I love your camera and that is the reason I bought 4 of them. I want to let you know what I found to be missing from your cameras.I would like when the camera detects a move to send me an email with one or two photos from the viewing area. Think this is missing from many users of your great camera.I’m sorry if i bother you but really is a friendly advice

How to Use the Roadmap

It would be useful to have an option that sent an e-mail with a few image snapshots from the motion event that triggered the alert. It is much faster to quickly assess what is going on with a few pictures than having to jump into the application and view the captured video.

Alternatively, you could include an option to include a few snapshots into the IFTTT “e-mail me when motion is detected” applet.


I’m using the v2 & app to take photos of my odometer reading every morning to use for tax write offs, and having it synch automatically to Google photos which automatically adds the photo to my timeline. (IRS wants accurate odometer readings) I’d like to be able to not worry about it, and have it snap the photo each time I start up my car. I like the fact that I can create a network wifi connection via tethering on 3g/4g using my note 9, and the camera connects with that wifi and I can control the camera.

So my request… Instant photo upon startup that would store on SD card until connected to wifi network, then upload automatically upon connection.

Also I second the request for a dash cam version with above abilities, smaller model would be better for my purposes.

Whether any of this is possible or not. Definitely Love the work u guys do! You rock!


Many on-prem home automation platforms (e.g. HomeSeer, Vera) provide integration with IP cameras. The value of a snapshot URL is that when an event occurs on the home automation platform (e.g. door unlocked / opened) the snapshot URL can be used to generate an email alert and a picture from one or more cameras attached.

Also the opportunity to extend camera based motion detection into the on-prem home automation platform provides additional opportunities to trigger events in the that platform.




This is needed


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