Email address update not working

I need to update my email address and stuck. The app doesn’t allow it (latest version on Android). When I log in to the website it let’s me edit the other fields under Account Details, but not the email address. Please help!


At this time, there is no way to change the email address for your account, because it IS your account name. You will need to create a new account with the new email address. You can then request your email address be changed on the forum.

Does it change my device recording history and access to the events stored on the SD card if I change my account like you mention?

I believe it only changes access to the cameras’ livestream and event notification videos. I can’t recall anyone doing what you’re attempting, and then having issues with their SD cards.

Using email as primary account id is very short sighted. People change ISP’s and email addresses regularly. Will I now have to create a new account and then reset and re-adopt all of my cameras?!

Unfortunately, that is correct.

That is pretty lame you are stuck with an email address. I want to change mine too. And have cameras, smart sensors and going to buy the lights. Better stop buying.

That “doing what you are attempting” comment from the moderator would seem to indicate that the ability to simply change an email is an abnormal request. Very strange attitude.

I’m in this same situation. We really need to be able to simply change our email address on our accounts. I’ve locked myself out of my account and can’t do a password reset because I no longer have access to the email I registered with Wyze, I changed ISP’s. I’m so frustrated right now… gggrrrrr…

Hey @richard_evans

I’ve never been in this situation but im thinking one possible solution would be to do a full reset on the cameras and just make a new account. because you no longer have access to that email then I’m guessing no one does, so basically its just a dead fish. I’m doubting the isp would reuse it ( depending on how common the names involved are)

but if you do a hard reset on the cameras, they are like new ( you would need to update them when you are done setting them up) but them just connect them to a new email. something like a Gmail account where its not going to be taken, unless the google aliens decide to finally take over, and you should have a brand new set up.

thats the only course of action I can think of with the current Wyze set up.

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@Bam I thinks that’s the route I’m going to take. Thank you!


Yes, that is the only solution at present and is what I ended up doing. Climb ladder, reset camera, move ladder, climb ladder, …

Not exactly what I preferred!

Yeah. The old “devs copy code from another project that uses e-mail address as the primary key for user accounts” and no one reviewing the decision had the enterprise identity management experience to know it was bad architecture. Pardon me while I go out to the shed and get our ladder…

Same situation here. Need to update email. Please Wyze fix this issue and allow easy email updating.