Edited 6/25/20: Reminder about Early Access Forum Category

Hi, everyone!

We’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Early Access products (currently Wyze Band and Wyze Scale) getting posted outside of the #early-access category.

If you have pre-purchase questions about these products, please check out our Wyze Customer Support or post in the EA announcement posts if you haven’t found the answer in our support content.

If you’re someone that ordered these products, please make sure to post in the Early Access category until these products have gone through the general launch. This helps to reduce confusion and gets your feedback/questions to the community folks and team members that can answer them more quickly. The exception is that feature requests can be made in the Wishlist category before the launch.

Thank you!

EDIT: Early Access Category Opened To Public!


Please, and thank you.Your Wyze.com order 001494165 has shipped!


Are invoices number in order received or processed? Does the invoice number reflect the number of bands sold or total number of Wyze orders? If total number of bands sold ive got quite a wait. Lol

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@OHNo You will need to request to join Early Backers here: https://forums.wyzecam.com/g/EarlyBackers

Sorry my apologies I will look into that right now

Order # 001459662 Ordered 3/24 Status <

@bob4780 You’ve been added to the EB group.

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Please add me. Thanks

See the edit to the top post in this topic. The EA category is open to all now. Also, as of this week, there are no products currently in EA. The last one was the band with is now on general sale.

Just now seeing this but why am I do I not have the option to join that? I bought the scale and band on early access.

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Are you able to view threads here?

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