EDIT: Beta Early Access Orders Process Successfully

How can I determine if my purchase went through? Order # 454932

Is there somewhere I can confirm my order rather than trying to determine what app version I used when I ordered today?


In the app go to account then tap on order history

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That worked thanks.

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Much as with HDRock, I am unable to access the EA community page. I have accessed it previously, but I had to re-register just to post this. I have been part of the EA program since the Sense, and part of the Beta since I deployed them.

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For those that pre-ordered but can’t access the EA section, please send a message to @WyzeMark. He’ll be able to help you out!

@dougfaddis, looks like your order came through! :slight_smile:


I guess I’m very late to the party. :frowning: Is there any chance I can still buy the bulbs? I’ve been a long time LIFX user and I’m hoping you guys will do colored bulbs soon. In the meantime, I’d love to add some Wyze bulbs in the mix.

I’m loving my sensors btw. I did integration with IFTTT and LIFX with the motion sensors are fantastic. I’m running the other motion sensor I purchased, in addition to the one included in the kit, with a TP-Link smart switch with Kasa app + regular bulbs in a lamp we use for our baby changing table. I’m using IFTTT to delay turning the light off for 5 mins (by creating Webhooks) and sometimes it works perfectly but unfortunately, sometimes it just turns itself off because of my delay webhooks while the motion sensor is not yet cleared so we have to have Alexa turn on the light with voice. There’s no way to add delay with Kasa or even the Wyze triggers to have a delay in turning off the bulb (unlike LIFX that has the option to delay turning off) and so I resorted to making a webhook to set a timed delay

I figured I’d try these Wyze bulbs since I trust this company and for the price, I can afford to play around with it to add some more smart bulbs in our house. (I have 8 LiFX bulbs in the house). I’m an Android user btw. I just applied to be beta software + hardware. I’m looking forward to more great things from you guys and for tomorrow’s new (huge?) unveiling … Thanks guys and congrats for your rapid growth!

The Early Access Wyze Bulb orders just shipped, so I imagine Wyze Bulbs will be available for purchase this month. I’m not sure how the early access delay may have affected production so that’s just a guess from me.

Hopefully… Thanks.

Got my new Wyze bulbs today! LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to message @WyzeMark - I receive an Oops that page does not exist when clicking the link for the Early Access Group.

@tmedinajr… to send a personal Message on the forum, click the user’s name either on a post or an @ mention, then click the Message button on the popup.


Thank you for the help! It worked.


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