Edge Brush Keeps Falling Off

I have been using the Wyze Vacuum for about a week now and so far my only complaint is the edge brush does not stay on. It falls off every 10 or 15 minutes.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I am thinking of putting a drop of super glue on it.

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Yes, that happened to me. Underneath furniture of course so I had to hunt for it.
You didn’t press hard enough when you installed the brush. With the WRV upside down and the LIDAR protrusion off the edge of a table so you don’t damage it, press the brush on until you hear an audible click.


Thank you! I’ve pressed it on hard and it clicked, so I’ll see now if it stays. But I expect it to.

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Thank you. Will try.

Thank you for that. It was driving us nuts to the extent we are sitting on a return label.

Glad pressing hard worked for someone. I’ve pressed as hard as I can and I still have to go searching for the edge brush each vacuuming day. Wondering if it can be drilled to add a screw to hold it on.

I would try Super Glue before I got the drill out.

You need to put it upside down on a flat service, align the brush with the square post, and press HARD; you should hear a clear snap as it seats.

. If that doesn’t work your vacuum is defective; contact Wyze about getting it replaced.

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