Echo Show 15 and Wyze Devices

You can also setup a routine to display the Camera when a person is detected. this is accomplished with 2 routines if you would like to turn it off as well (Stop Streaming):

ROUTINE 1 - Shows Camera

  • Create A Routine
  • Name: Person detected at Front Door
  • Trigger: Front Door Camera detects a Person
  • Action: Custom Command “Alexa, Show Front Door Cam”
  • Choose the 15" Tablet for this action “FROM SELECTION”

ROUTINE 2 - Stop Streaming

  • Create A Routine
  • Name: Person detected at Front Door - Stop Streaming
  • Trigger: Front Door Camera detects a Person
  • Action 1: Wait x Minutes
  • Action 2: Custom Command “Alexa, Go Home” or Cancel
  • Choose the 15" Tablet for this action “FROM SELECTION”

This works like a champ. A colleague of mine has done this on his 15" and now when someone comes to the front door and Alexa notices a person, his 15" will show the front door automatically.


Got my Wyze Video Doorbell Pro installed this weekend and happy to announce the the VDBP shows in the proper orientation on the Echo Show 15! (and more but this thread is specific to the ES15)


That looks like a nice picture frame with your new hot tub in your backyard… Except it keeps updating!

Looks great.


That looks great. Glad the orientation is correct.

Now, how is the performance and speed while on battery? Curious if there is a difference when it is wired vs battery.

5hisbqoikdmbw a reason for me to switch to the pro.

I was able to open my cameras, Wyze and Ring but my Wyze thermostat does not work well with any Alexa product. While they all, including Echo Show 15, do change the temperature if I ask, they also default to that temperature and rewrite the schedule. It took me a while to find these settings changed and boy was I po’d. I removed the thermostat from Alexa completely.

As good as the VDB. I also noticed that my wyze cameras stay connected longer on the ES15. As in they don’t time out as fast as the Fire Stick, cube, and the other various Echo Show devices

I do not have a show 15 but i do have a show 8. Should operate the same i would think.
If I understand the discussion correctly people are able to view live stream from the Wyze video doorbell on their show device. Mine shows up as a device on my show but I can not get it to show live stream. It does show live stream in the Wyze app. The show attempts to connect to the doorbell but eventually times out and says it cannot connect.
Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to get it to show on my Show 8?

I will have someone verify. I do know the video doorbell Pro works. The original doorbell has the issues.

@r.good can you see if your original doorbell works on the show and the 15 as with the pro version of the doorbell?

I don’t have the pro to test

I have the original video doorbell not the pro and a show 8. Can not seem to get the show 8 to show live stream. I can however get my Cam V3 to show live stream on the Show 8.

Yea, there has been some issue with the Original Doorbell and the Show. Wyze is aware of this.

The VDB has stopped working on all show devices including fire devices for me and have for awhile now.

The pro shows on all devices.

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Thanks, that is what I thought. Mine worked for a bit and then stopped as well.

Looking at a potential Echo Show 15 purchase.
Has anyone tried to use it as a 24x7 always on display for wyze v3 cameras?
Is Echo Show 15 safe to be plugged in and turned on (with screensaver and low/eco power mode disabled) all the times? Thx!

Welcome to the community @gafunga

I actually have a trigger rule that pulls one of my Wyze V3 cameras up on the display when a person is detected and the video stays up until I close it, which has been days in between in some cases. Where with other devices I have seen the cameras time out.

My ES15 is mounted to a wall and plugged (smart outlet, so I can reboot via cutting power if need be) in at all times and have had no issues with it

My Echo Show 15 will stay on display with Wyze if I pull it up. Ring, however, times out after 10 minutes which is annoying. I rarely unplug it but it goes to sleep mode when it’s dark, so I would assume it utilizes less power.

Can you give my any tips on how to set up a trigger. I can set a trigger indicating the camera to use but the action has me stumped. The action just takes me back to the camera list. I want the camera to display on my Echo what triggered the V# camera. Any tips on what to do. Do I go into the Alexa app? Thanks,

Happy to Help.

What is the Action you are interested in and the Outcome?
If this happens, Then…

Good afternoon. Thinking of getting the ES15, and was curious of your feelings now 7 months in. How are the Home Screen widgets? Can I have two or 3 Wyze cameras always on in one corner of my screen while I have my calendar etc up on another part?

I can relate my Show 8 experience to your question. No 15. The 15 is a great deal right now with Prime Day. But my Show 8 experience is “temporary”. With the Show, I don’t control a Wyze App. With My iPad Mini, I do.

When vehicle or people detection sends a signal via Alexa routine, my Show 8 displays the image. But for only about 10 minutes. Then the Show usually takes over. Sometimes is wipes the screen back to home screen. Sometimes it minimizes the camera image to a 1/4 of the screen into the left upper corner. And Alexa support can’t tell me what triggers the two different actions. I can’t get the any of my Wzye cams to stay on the screen for 30+ minutes.

I also use Flic 2 button. I have a couple of Flic 2 buttons programmed to trigger Alexa routines and bring up different cameras on my Show 8. When I press one of these buttons, it triggers the routine and sends fresh command and signal. Works 90% of the time. When it doesn’t I know I need to steal camera’s power and restore it. So, I put the camera power on a once a day power cycle.

But my iPad Mini. I run the app, I bring up the same camera, and it displays there for hours. Sometimes the camera needs a restart. But its not the screen, its the camera.

While you are considering the ES15, I think you might also want to look at a Ipad 10" that’s selling for $299. Because Wyze cam-screen wise, its much more reliable for that picture.

Been thinking. When you look at the discounted price today $180 down from $250. Then if you take advantage of the “Trade-in” of 25%, that brings the price down $45 to $135. Anyone can do this math - that’s almost half price. We can trade in a 2nd or 3rd gen Dot and qualify for the trade-in. For the $45 you save with this trick, you can buy two 4th Gen Dots if you want another. That’s a pretty too deal. And it makes the ES15 half the price of that $299 iPad I suggested. Hard choices.

Thanks for asking, Not much has changed since my initial overview items above.

I am still underwhelmed by its UI display as a Home Automation controller for devices, there is so much room and the tile layout could be so much better.

I am still hopeful that there will be some UI updates.

You can have only one Wyze Camera streaming at a time, but it can be PiP with the homepage of your setting.

Also I have had my wyze video doorbell pro trigger the camera in PiP and it stream for days without timing out until I close the window.

All that being said, it is a very nice display, could be better but not much different in terms of functionality as an automation controller than an Echo 5 or 8.

I would say if you want a nice big touch screen and an additional or first Alexa Show, it’s a great price and you will be happy with it, just not blown away.