Echo Show 15 and Wyze Devices

I had to immediately check - not for the switch, it’s on outdoor floods - but that would have been a useful advantage for the plug that controls a vintage torchiere. Unfortunately no, though. Bummer. The only benefit I can think of is just organizational access. To keep from having to go into two+ categories to turn on/off lights. Maybe organizational reasons could be beneficial for situations where others who aren’t familiar are accessing devices, for example with @R.Good’s giant Alexas. Like, some wanting to extinguish my torchiere would instinctively look under ‘Lights’ instead of ‘Plugs’.

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I was reading an Article, it sort of implied that this was done to make it easier when you want to say a keyword. For example, if you have a plug with lamps in it and want to turn all lights off, set the device to the type light and then you can say Alexa, turn off the lights. You then don’t have to say Alexa, turn off the plugs.

So basically it was to simplify things. At least that is what a post said.

That does make sense. I have the lamp with the plug grouped other lamps with smart bulbs and call the group ‘den lights’, so that’s what I say anyway. But, it does explain one thing… When mother visits, she’s stays in a little apartment we have for her. I named her living area ‘living room’. She never remembers the room name or names of individual lights. So she just tells Alexa to turn off the lights, and all the lamps go out throughout. The house would be plunged into darkness if not for the lamp with the plug. :joy:

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Thats too funny. I was experiencing that until I setup a Dot in a specific room and then associated the room with that dot. Now when I say lights off, only that rooms lights go off.

I have yet to find a consolidated list of what all the Alexa features and what they mean. I am always stumbling into a feature I did not know existed. :slight_smile:

Huh, I do have the lights (and Fire tv device) associated with the dot in that room. I’ll have to see exactly what command she’s giving next time. I know when the command isn’t clear to Alexa, it’ll ask a question to clarify. Must be that Alexa is asking about all lights everywhere. Who knows.

So. A little poking around in the Echo Show 15 today and I am not impressed with the Smart Home panel thus far. I am hopeful that because this is a new device recently just announced and just now available there will be updates
Navigation to your Wyze Devices
You can only view devices in a single row, not using all glorious 15 inches of Touch Screen.

You can filter by type of device (Camera, Switch, Plug, etc) and by Groups you have setup in Alexa, but are still presented with a single icon row, Making it a little painful to pull up your Wyze Alexa integrated devices on screen… Of course you always have voice commands not requiring touch. The presentation on the earlier Echo Show Devices on the Device Dashboard is much better in my opinion.

Camera access
Like the other Echo/Alexa Devices the WCO, VDB, or any camera added to the Wyze car are not supported in a “Live-view”. I cannot validate a V1 Wyze camera, I do not have any.

Wyze Cameras pulled up via touch or voice command on Average in about 10 seconds with the waiting for Wyze screen. A few times they did launch in about 2/3 seconds

Person Detection with the Video DoorBell.
I did create the below routine to have the Echo Show 15 show me who is at the Door using the VDB and it would never work. Since the VDB is in my list of Camera devices I just asked Alexa to show it to me and that failed as well after trying to launch teh camera 3 times it just went back to the home screen. Upon further inspection I found that the Echo Show 15 does not even recognize the VDB as a device even though it is in my Alexa list of devices… So no VDB view at this time @carverofchoice .

I also tried just a routine on a V3 I have at my front door so that when a Person is detected or the doorbell is pushed show the V3 camera on the Echo Show 15 and that worked as expected. The video launched. So for now just the VDB seems to not be compatible with the ES15 (new acronym for ya, lol).

Wyze Plugs (V1 only)
They turn on and off with the touch screen :slight_smile:

Wyze Bulbs (V1 White, V2 White, and Wyze Color Bulbs)
I was able to Turn them on and off and Adjust brightness only from the Panel. All other features require voice command such as change Color or Tone.

Wyze Light Strips (Standard and Pro)
I was able to Turn them on and off and Adjust brightness only from the Panel. All other features require voice command such as change Color or Tone.

Wyze Thermostats
I was able to pull these up on the panel and adjust the temp

Wyze Robot Vacuum
While this is in beta, you can at least launch it from the Alexa app to just clean… It does not even show as a smart device on the Echo Show 15.

That’s what I’ve got for now. Again, this will be ongoing… maybe to help you determine if you want one or not to use with you Wyze devices. If you have any question please ask. I will be happy to test requests.


Thanks so much for taking time to give us this review. I too can’t believe the equipment cards aren’t more elegantly displayed. I’m with you, hopefully that is something Amazon is working on.

I think a smaller version of that might work well for my mom. I may have questions in future.:upside_down_face:

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It easy to group plugs then add them to a group and turn all on or off at the same time. Lights don’t always work like that. Of course, its because lights/bulbs vary so much with different color or brightness controls. But plugs are generally on/off.

I’ve grouped plugs together that control non-wifi lights, then use a single Alexa command to turn the group on or off without a routine.

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Sometimes Alexa will even ask if a plug is connected to a light after using it for a few days. It will then act like a light in routines. “Alexa goodnight” tells me the weather, schedule for the next day and shuts off all lights in the room including plugs set as lights. “Turn off/on all lights” adjust light all over the house. “Turn off/on x-room lights” control all lights and labeled plugs in a specific room.

You can group lights together for on/off but adjust them separately for color and brightness. They all go on and off back to the original setting. I have my outdoor lights half set as green/red flash and the others set to red/green. As a group they turn on at the same time and they flash back in forth in sync. I even have a “popo” mode that is blue and red for when the kid comes home late to let him know that he is in trouble.

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How did you get the varius cameras to show on the screen?

By asking Alexa/ziggy to display them by name or selecting them from the device tile.

You can also setup a routine to display the Camera when a person is detected. this is accomplished with 2 routines if you would like to turn it off as well (Stop Streaming):

ROUTINE 1 - Shows Camera

  • Create A Routine
  • Name: Person detected at Front Door
  • Trigger: Front Door Camera detects a Person
  • Action: Custom Command “Alexa, Show Front Door Cam”
  • Choose the 15" Tablet for this action “FROM SELECTION”

ROUTINE 2 - Stop Streaming

  • Create A Routine
  • Name: Person detected at Front Door - Stop Streaming
  • Trigger: Front Door Camera detects a Person
  • Action 1: Wait x Minutes
  • Action 2: Custom Command “Alexa, Go Home” or Cancel
  • Choose the 15" Tablet for this action “FROM SELECTION”

This works like a champ. A colleague of mine has done this on his 15" and now when someone comes to the front door and Alexa notices a person, his 15" will show the front door automatically.


Got my Wyze Video Doorbell Pro installed this weekend and happy to announce the the VDBP shows in the proper orientation on the Echo Show 15! (and more but this thread is specific to the ES15)


That looks like a nice picture frame with your new hot tub in your backyard… Except it keeps updating!

Looks great.


That looks great. Glad the orientation is correct.

Now, how is the performance and speed while on battery? Curious if there is a difference when it is wired vs battery.

5hisbqoikdmbw a reason for me to switch to the pro.

I was able to open my cameras, Wyze and Ring but my Wyze thermostat does not work well with any Alexa product. While they all, including Echo Show 15, do change the temperature if I ask, they also default to that temperature and rewrite the schedule. It took me a while to find these settings changed and boy was I po’d. I removed the thermostat from Alexa completely.

As good as the VDB. I also noticed that my wyze cameras stay connected longer on the ES15. As in they don’t time out as fast as the Fire Stick, cube, and the other various Echo Show devices

I do not have a show 15 but i do have a show 8. Should operate the same i would think.
If I understand the discussion correctly people are able to view live stream from the Wyze video doorbell on their show device. Mine shows up as a device on my show but I can not get it to show live stream. It does show live stream in the Wyze app. The show attempts to connect to the doorbell but eventually times out and says it cannot connect.
Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to get it to show on my Show 8?

I will have someone verify. I do know the video doorbell Pro works. The original doorbell has the issues.

@r.good can you see if your original doorbell works on the show and the 15 as with the pro version of the doorbell?

I don’t have the pro to test

I have the original video doorbell not the pro and a show 8. Can not seem to get the show 8 to show live stream. I can however get my Cam V3 to show live stream on the Show 8.