Early Access Program - What perks would you like to see?


We are brewing something new - Wyze Early Access Program, a launch pad for all our future products, available exclusively inside the Wyze Mobile App. With this program, you will have the opportunity to get new and upcoming Wyze products first before they officially launch.

What benefits or perks do you want to see as part of Early Access? Would love to hear your suggestions

Learn more: https://www.wyze.com/early-access/


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Real genuine USPS Priority Mail shipping, no more of the extremely slow inaccurate tracking “hybrids” that interface with UPS and/or FedEx.



Maybe a bit of a discount for ordering multiple units instead of just one unit … say Early Access orders of two(2) outdoor cams gets 5% discount. Three or more 8%. Discount and number of units subject to whatever WYZE feels appropriate. I think you’d move more product that way.

Remember, in the case of new untested products, we’re all ordering on “good faith” because we love you guys and your products. Be nice to get a little love (discount) back from you as a thank-you for trusting the new products will be great.



These are good suggestions, keep them coming!



Special pricing for being a Wyze Family along with pre-orders since we are Loyal and BIG Fans, throw in free shipping and discounts to pre-orders since we are paying for heavier taxes starting April 1st, 2019. In addition, throw in special packages (additional items example: more door sensors) for loyal Wzye Family members/fans, Keep up the great work Wyze Family! You guys are awesome!



Real priority shipping and guaranteed easy returns. USPS is not my carrier of choice but they’ll do. If the items are inexpensive I tend to buy multiple systems if I’m pretty sure I will use them or give to family.
For one thing that let’s me see if what’s happening with one is duplicated by another.

Discounts are nice but new technology is nicer.



Flat rate $5.99 shipping. That is, no additional shipping fees if multiple items (early access and older products) are ordered.



If early access is a discounted price, that is enough IMO. If not, Wyze should start a points program. Early Access, referrels, reviews, etc could all count towards.your points balance. Then you can redeem the points for swag, products, etc. I think ecobee does something like this.



Create a yearly “Wyzer” award to the member who helps and assist our community in this forum. The community votes on the winner. The wealth of knowledge and team spirit that some are doing on this forum is OUTSTANDING!! This lessen the time of frustration we all experience from time to time in resolving our issues and give you all the developers more time to focus on getting out new products. I am not all implying customer service is lacking because it is not, but most of the time our issues are resolved by members of this forum by the time we are contacted. This “Wyzer” award should be given a gift certificate and recognized by Wyze.

The next should be an award given to the most innovative use of Wyze cam setup by a member and again voted on by us. Gift certificate and recognized by Wyze,



Make some cool swag available to your early adopters. Either as a giveaway, or for exclusive purchase. Stickers, hats, embroidered patches, etc.

Perhaps a limited edition version of the product. (Different color, signed by the team, etc.)

Add early adopters to a drawing for some type of prize/honor.

Include a badge in your forums for early adopters… Perhaps a new one for each new product. (If you’re gamifying, go deep!)




In order of usefulness:

  • Shipping to Canada :wink:
  • Discounts on groupings - SmartThings used to offer a pricing deal on certain packs
  • Access to videos describing various use cases for the new products
  • Special links to discuss additional use cases for the new products on the forums

I think the idea of being able to provide good feedback about the products before they fully launch, knowing that the Wyze team is receptive to this feedback, would be a great part of the EAP. However, without shipping to Canada, I’d be left out in the (untill recently, fairly constant) cold.



The Canada process turns out to be more complicated, but we see that we have a lot of customers there so the team is trying to figure out what the requirements are. I like the 3rd and 4th ideas. Thanks for sharing!



You’re welcome!

Another idea might be to allow the EAP to recognise that a user is in Canada and allow items to be purchased through Amazon.ca to include EAP products?



Couple thoughts

  • Obviously some financial incentive for being an early adopter and working through the last of the bugs with you. That is pretty vanilla for an early adopter/BETA program though.
  • Perhaps some sort of reward system would be fun. Gamify it by making different activities worth different value of “points” then trade in those points for Wyze swag, discounts, exclusives, etc. I.E. purchase something in the Early Access and get points, engagement on the forum could be included (make it about more than just # of posts and # of replies…maybe include views or votes on posts).


Another vote for shipping to Canada. Instead of worrying with returns, maybe we could agree on a regressive refund (Wyze store credit) in case of failure depending on when it was bought.

I’d accept getting 80 % back if it fails after x time, and maybe 30 % if it fails after y time.

Another neat idea would be to open distribution branch in Canada. :slight_smile:



he benefit might not be as helpful because Early Access products will already ship ahead of time, so need to think of something else. But this is a good suggestion for product shipping in general.

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Thanks for the support. This is a good idea, we normally don’t give discounts since we are operating on thin margins, but will bring this back to the team and we can do a test for the next product.



Looks like an idea for the community in general. We already have Community Spotlight and maybe we can do best of the best at the end of the year :slight_smile:



These ones are new. Thanks for the suggestion!