Early Access Category Opened To Public!

Hi, everyone!

With the launch of Wyze Scale, we decided to open up this category so everyone can see it. This will make all troubleshooting available for users after products leave Early Access, save moderators time so they can help people more effectively, and make it easier for people that purchased Early Access products to find the category they should be posting in.

Early Access grew a LOT over the last year and our original intention didn’t scale in the way we expected. This is still going to be the proper place for posting about products that are still in EA (such as Wyze Band) but we believe that this decision will reduce confusion and better serve our community. :slight_smile:


Your Forum Mod Team


I think that’s a great decision! Thank you!


Regretted not ordering the scale when I got my EA band. ordered the scale today!

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Awesome!! Great decision by Wyze!!

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@WyzeGwendolyn Ah, that explains it! I have been checking into the Early Access forum via a Windows 10 BOOKMARK … this am, I got an “ACCESS DENIED” error.

The address was apparently slightly changed to allow access to everyone … a great move! Look forward to having a bunch more eyes and early access buyers!

Updated my bookmark to reflect the change. It’s all good.


I’m stoked to see that you all see the benefit, too! Thanks for the feedback! :grin:


I concur with your decision. I just wrote about the scale and band being insanely accurate but i didnt put it under any specific topic. Also, my bulb badge isnt appearing and its my only missing one as far as products. The badges made me want WyZe stuff like Dave Chalpelle playing the tweaker on his old show. Such sweet sweet products. I love them so much. Im sleeping with my band and i dont care what my wife thinks

I can’t wait for the next big three from wyze, and am eagerly waiting. Wanting wyze to set further into the home security area as well, with a home alarm system.
Keep up the great work and will be a appreciative supporter


Eagerly waiting…

My Wyze Pan cam has not been able to read barcode despite troubkeshooting everything online and then some. Upside down, diff lighting, no lighting, diff devices to read off of. Nothing has worked but I still hear all commands up until “scanned.” What else can I do? I have not dropped it, no visible scratches and not even a lot of time used. Maybe 55 hrs total since i was in moving process.

Also, what is the small black rubber looking piece on the bottom near the button and sd card slot?

The small rubber piece is covering the microphone. Sorry to hear about this trouble! I’d recommend contacting customer support.

Wyze Customer Support

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