Early Access and still unable to buy outdoor cam

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Just bought mine, they ship in august.

I had a HELL of a time ordering it. Kept getting 500 errors. Their servers are completely bogged down. Keep trying and you’ll eventually get through!


I will keep trying

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Wyze really dropped the ball with this launch. I’ve never seen so many server errors while trying to buy a new product at launch. 40 mins of trying and I get error after error. Surely they knew their servers would be getting hit hard for a launch people have been waiting a long time for

UPDATE : I finally was able to order one. Though I didn’t know it at the time as I got an error. It was only when I tried the process again for about the 30th time, I noticed my cart was empty. Checked my email and saw an email from Amazon Pay. Checked the Order History in the app and had it in there. A short time later I got the email from Wyze.
A friend thought he had ordered one as he had a temp hold on his credit card. Told him about the email and Order History in the app. He checked his order history & had nothing there. He decided to now wait & see how I like mine once I get it.

I tried but kept getting errors.


I get to the payment screen eventually and then… another error.

Yeah, not impressed with shopping, go to Amazon to sell

You gotta want it… I mean, REALLY, want it.

Good news is… I did. Just gotta be persistent… and patient.


It’s released I wanna but it!

Just relaying for folks on forum. On the Zoom, they disabled the backer counter to resolve issue with the web ordering. Try again in ~15m.

I’m just jealous, I wanna play too. I tried again, then it errored again.

Order successful! I’ll probably end up with fifty of them lol

Ok, who wants me to mount mine three feet off my front porch so I can post crotch shots of the mailman?

Um, no one! LOL

But the capabilities for offline recording does present some interesting concerns for privacy. We’ve truly crossed over the line where you can no longer assume you are not being recorded outside of your own home “anywhere”.

I just placed what I thought was a successful order, I purchased plugs and an SD card at the same time, but on my order confirmation, there is no Outdoor Cam listed, but the total charged is the total including the camera… I had thought it was a successful transaction, but now it is appearing that it was not! :frowning:

EDIT: Looks like the orders are placed as separate orders. Crisis no more!!!

I have never had to hit reload this many times to complete an order. Maybe 150 times? Took a full hour. I imagine they’d already crossed the 50,000 backers line well before that.

Hope it’s worth it!!!

So I placed it with Amazon Pay. Got a order confirmation from Amazon but not Wyze. Hopefully everything went through. I reached out to Support. Praying all is well. Just have to be patient.

You sure? He’s got blonde hair. Long, blonde hair. wolf whistle

Whoops, forgot to add an SD card. Hmmm, hope I have an extra somewhere.