Driveway alert idea

I’d like to find a buzzer / bell that makes a sound when it is plugged into a wall outlet. Then, I could plug it into a Wyze Plug and when the camera in the driveway detects motion, it would turn on the Wizen Plug, which would sound the buzzer / bell. I just can’t find a buzzer / bell that does this when it gets power. Ideas?

I connected This Transformer
To This Bell and wired the transformer to an extension cord so I could plug it in wherever I wanted. Plug the assembly into a smart plug and you have on-demand noise!
Basically it’sa portable doorbell!

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something like these?

plus this?

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Question: How long does it ring before it shuts off or do you have to have some other trigger to shut it off. I’m really just looking for a few dings and then it stops. Thanks