Downloadable PDF Guide

Your online Guides have a lot of useful information. Some have so much that it’s quite a chore to scroll through them on a phone or tablet in order to find the topic you need. It would be helpful if you would put a Print button on each Guide page so that users could print the guides and save them for easy reference.

Since opening one section doesn’t collapse the others, I find that if I open each section starting at the bottom, I can easily get the whole page opened up. Then I can use the browsers regular print feature to get a good printout of the section.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

I agree, I would like to have a downloadable PDF file for all manuals.

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A downloadable PDF file for all hardware Should be Provided and be available for download , Unfortunately Many manufacturers are now Shying away from that , Making you jump all over the place on there Support site to find what Want .
That said , I find The Wyze pages Have become Fairly easy to navigate

But I’m the type that like to be able to read manuals WITHOUT internet connection.

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Me too. I always download manuals before I even buy A product
The more I think about it though it would be kind of hard for wyze to Have a PDF manual When things Are changing Rapidly