Download selected (or all) events

I’d like to be able to select multiple events (or all) at the Events screen and download or delete them from that screen.

Please note that the ability to select and delete events already exists in the app (unless, of course, you are talking about the event list within an individuals sensor’s screen.

I know I can delete them but I also would like the choice to download them

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Need capability to download a lot of CMC events before they get wiped


Would it be possible to get a feature to be able to download an entire days worth of Motion Event Captures in one click or to be able to highlight and download multiple at once?

Thanks, regards, Robert.

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Would be nice to be able to download more than one motion event video at a time, perhaps a whole days worth or to be able to select up to 20 or 50 clips and download them all at once or such.

Thanks, Robert.

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Please create the option to multiple select event recordings. I’ve been working for hours downloading important event recordings one by one to an sd card. Only because it’s the only way to save them when they’re erased from the cloud after the 14 day period. I tried having an sd card in one of the cams but when I took it out to review everything wasn’t captured.

With the on-camera SD card in event-only mode, it should be capturing the exact same events as the cloud. More, in fact, because there’s no five minute timeout for the SD card. If this isn’t happening for you, then you may want to submit a Support Request to have Wyze try to figure out why it’s not working correctly.

I know this has surely been asked before but I’d love the app to be able to batch download. Also I’d love it to add metadata (date recorded and camera type) to the download. I get 40-70 videos a night of adorable animals passing my cam. I’d love to be able to download them all and filter them from my iPhone vids and other saved items.

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There should be a way to download all videos taken in one day, or between a range of dates, to computer/phone. What’s the point of recording videos if you can’t easily save the evidence?

I know you can download videos one by one, but in a day there can be 50+ recordings, and this is very burdensome.

So I am wondering if a feature could be added where you could download all videos you have on the cloud at once, there was recently an event in front of my house, police need evidence of my camera, but we don’t have time to look at all 14 days of videos. It would be helpful if we could download all the videos and just send a file containing all of them.

Wouldnt it be great to download videos in masse and have those video files named in a time format for ease of access. I had great hopes in V3 but still no rtsp support and cam plus must be for people who want clips of the neighbors wife sun bathing or their kids sneaking out. Yes there are some that use this as a security device and yes those of us without lots of money even have it registered with Police departments in hopes of stopping the crime creeping into our neighborhoods. Please Wyze, ai is great but basic security features and access is key reason to purchase these cams. Downloading clips in obscure formats one at a time is ridiculous at best. Rant off.