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I’m very frustrated with this today because my car was broken into last night, yet the camera did not detect any motion. I already have it on the most sensitive option, so I’m not sure how this keeps happening.

Anyways, I’ve ordered the floodlights so I can ensure I’m catching this in the future.

Is there an easy way to download the continuous playback from the entire night so I can watch it at two times the speed on my computer? The only option I see is hitting the record button and letting it run with the app open for six hours, which is just not feasible.

Another gripe I have is the cam plus lists as a feature of watching playback at two times or four times the speed. However, the feature is watching events at two times or four times the speed. I don’t understand why they selected this wording since it’s not the wording used on the app.

Only other option I know is to remove the sd card from the camera and connect it to your computer.


I have been trying to find a way to download the complete SD contents and short of removing the card from the camera Wyze does not allow you to do that.

I find it very heavy-handed on their part to disallow open access to the card we bought that is installed in the camera we bought that is connected to our local network.

This is done in my opinion to allow them to sell you a service that you may not need if you had access to the card.

I build furniture and would compare it to me selling you a drawer cabinet that the drawers open only about 1/3 of the way, so I can sell you a device to fish your items out of the barely open drawer.

Why companies feel this is morally acceptable is beyond me.

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The videos are recorded to the SD card in 1 minute video segments, so thousands of segments are there. That way, on continuous record, it overwrites the oldest 1 minute at a time.

When viewing the SD Card in playback, the app software is actually stitching those 1 minute segments back together in chronological order to play them back to you so you can record them.

What would be nice is to have UI and functionality added to the app to read and stitch a user specified time period into a downloaded video. Perhaps something on\for the wishlist.

The only workarounds I know of are the two that have already been mentioned by @Victor & @oldwood because there is no file system directory access while the SD Card is mounted in the cam. Even on a computer, you will still need software to stich the clips back together to play and save into one file. I remember in the past posts about that… Will look when I get home later tonight.

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  1. VLC will automatically play the segments in one cohesive stream.

  2. There is or was an ftp hack to get files off the camera. I do not know if it still works.

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When I installed my SD card my intention was to determine how many days it would record before overwriting, then back it up a day before the overwriting started.

With the size of hard drives these days it would be trivial to store a year of video, but we can not get access without removing the card.

This makes what should be a simple procedure an impossible task.

So I just did a quick forum search for “download contents of SD Card” and there are many topics out there discussing this, including wishlist topics. Much reading to do there. Too much to link here.

One more option discussed in those threads is to use RSTP, TinyCam or some similar app\program\function to stream the live feed to a computer and record that. I have never done this so I can’t even to begin to discuss how it works.

I would suggest replying to a poster on one of those threads who has done it if you want to learn how to do it.

Good Luck!

I think I will give RTSP a try, but I am in the middle of moving right now, so it will have to wait.

It seems ridiculous we need to work so hard to get access to a device connected to our own network.


TinyCam’s DVR feature is independent of what’s on the camera’s SD card.

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Thank you everyone for your response. I honestly don’t have the energy to go about this in the roundabout way you have suggested, especially not over some pocket change, and syphoned gas. Received notification the floodlights have shipped and I am hopeful they will offer more security.
I must say these thieves are getting more and more courageous if they have the audacity to syphon gas when the camera is very obviously there, but how the camera did not detect movement is beyond me. I cant believe gas prices have gotten so high that people feel they need to resort to this.

Yes and no. An extra $1.00 a gallon can be a big deal. On the other hand some people are just scum. :frowning:

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Sarah, I am sorry to hear about your situation. My only suggestion is to watch the SD video playback and pull the slider bar forward a couple minutes at a time until you see something.

Here is some reality about the current state of the Wyze cams and their precious AI. Just today I had 75 AI Event Videos. 37 were false tags, I received only 21 push notifications. So, the AI is only marginally over 50% accurate. And, that is on the false positive side. If it has 50% false positives, it is only logical to believe it also has 50% false negatives. Lastly, I am only being notified of 28% of those events.

Lesson learned: Wyze AI is not reliable. The data proves this.

WinAVI video converter will stitch videos together into one video. You could only do an hour at a time, though, since the filenames are identical in each hour’s folder. Other video converters will probably let you output to a single file, too

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I’m really not looking for a PC solution. I’m not climbing ladders :ladder: to get to over half my cams to pull the SD card and load it, and that is impossible when remote. I am going to look into TinyCam :thinking:. I like the DVR option and it’s multi-platform capabilities :+1:. @customer must own stock… Has recommended it dozens of times. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You should post a Google review on this and provide the details. Other consumers need to know that.

One of the better features is that it works with the Wyze native firmware on the cameras, no need for RTSP.


Check that the setting for “Detection Zone” is either set to OFF or all the area you want covered is within the detection zone. Click the;
Detection settings
Detection Zone
Adjust the zone as needed or turn it off if it is on.