Download all videos - fastest way to download all footage from the day or two weeks

SAME. I’ve already lost a day or two. I love watching my sweet boy on the videos but I’d like to do it at my leisure. Hard to believe theres no bulk download option.

Finding particular times is also a pain. Getting to the earliest morning hours takes forever of paging down. If the download stalls, I have to restart the app and start all over again.

yes. install Bluestacks 5 on PC. The download Wyze app within Bluestacks using the App Store within Bluestacks.

You can also hit the pause icon after selecting each clip. Then hit the download (arrow down) icon. Those are saved to the “Manual” album.

@praw0009 -
How does that help downloading multiple events?

It doesn’t. I was responding to " Headscratcher

Oct '19

Is there a direct way to get to the SD card videos using WiFi, and run them on a PC without removing the card from the Wyzecam?"

I use my method to view/review my camera on my PC. The camera is 17 feet up, so I can’t review the memory card without getting on a ladder.

Maybe I just inserted my comment/suggestion in the wrong spot in the thread.