Double Wyze app

possibility to install a second APP with a different account ( like Facebook does) so we can monitor the 2 location in real-time)

Can’t you share devices with other accounts? It’s an option in the settings of each device. You only need one app and it would show your devices as well as the shared devices.

Yes I could do that, and would work for cameras and switches, but I would not have real-time notification of the HMS in the second location, or be able to arm and disarm the system, is that correct?

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I’m not sure what all the capabilities would be. I don’t have HMS and all my stuff is on one account so it’s not something I’ve tested. I’ve only noticed the sharing capabilities in the settings of most devices. Might be worth testing with another device and email, just to see what you can and can’t do.

Only one HMS per account…correct. To monitor two locations you need two Wyze accounts/emails, at least so far.