Double camera mount?


Has any made or does anyone sell a bracket or mount that holds 2 cameras? I have one mounted under the eve at the back corner of my house pointing at the side yard and would like to mount another cam back to back to the 1st one pointing at the back yard.

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Since they are magnetic, you can get a decent metal bracket from your local home improvement store. The magnetic mounts work wonders for me.

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Please post pics if you find a good mount


Here is my current setup. It’s an outdoor enclosure with mounting bracket from Amazon. What I’d like to see is something just like this ,but that can accept a second camera without having to add a second mounting bracket. One bracket attached to the roof that holds 2 cams, each in an outdoor enclosure.


You can try looking here: Thingiverse Wyze

Check with the creators if you don’t have a 3d printer, alternatively sites like: 3d print services