Doorbell voip phone call bug

I have a OnePlus 8, my wife the OnePlus 6. We still have this issue and the given workaround doesn’t work as TMobile does not show up as an option, and default sim is greyed out. This is Killin me! No idea how to fix, but close to going back to ring.

Can you try these steps:

  1. Go into system “Call Settings”
  2. Select “Other Call Settings”
  3. Select “Calling Accounts” and set the “Make Calls With” to “My Provider”.
    The default setting is “Always Ask”, and that’s where it mistakes VoIP as a caller option.

I removed the doorbell and installed a ring

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It doesn’t have my T-Mobile as an option. Only wyze.

What happens if you turn off the Wyze option? Will it default to T-Mobile? I use a Pixel and don’t see these options.

I’m having this problem, I’m also using tmobile with oneplus 6 and 8. Every call asks which sim. Anyone figure out a solution?

  1. Go into system “Call Settings”
  2. Select “Other Call Settings”
  3. Select “Calling Accounts” and set the “Make Calls With” to “My Provider”.
    The default setting is “Always Ask”, and that’s where it mistakes VoIP as a caller option.

Those options do not exist on my phone. Anything on the phone is set to use my provider, but the wyze sim comes up every time.

I don’t have OnePlus, did a quick search on Default Provider and this is what I found:

  • Go to settings
  • Wi-Fi and network
  • SIM & network
  • Default SIM for: There you find 3 separate option for Voice, messaging and mobile data. You can choose default SIM for those options.

Wonder if you see these options.

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So it doesn’t give you an option to choose which default SIM if you just have one sim card. I did find a workaround but it’s not ideal. I had an old Verizon SIM card which I put as my SIM card two slot, and chose T-Mobile for my default sim, now everything works.


Creative, nice :+1:

I can only put one sim card in my phone, there is no option for which Sim to use for calls or texts.

I wonder if the other Android phones need developer mode to be enabled to access these possibly “hidden” settings :thinking:
Im a samsung user so i cant check or verify.
Just a thought

Developer option are unlocked on both of my Oneplus phones. My concern is not being able to make a call in an emergency.

I may have fixed it, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app and it seems to have gone away. Have to try my wife’s OP8 now.


Thanks, this was the only solution for me as well!

Phone: Samsung S8
Problem: Having to choose between phone or wyze app to make each calls.

I tried uninstalling and installing it and the problem went away initially until I gave permission for microphone access for Wyze app. After that the problem started showing up. The voip feature for Wyze app is bug ridden and doesn’t seem to go away having to choose between the apps for every phone calls.

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This is actually a setting in your OS\Phone App that needs to be set after adding the Wyze VOIP. Your phone app doesn’t know which you want to use, your carrier account or your new Wyze VOIP to make calls.

On my Moto Android, I opened the phone App, select Settings>Calls>Calling Accounts. There, I tell it that Wyze cannot make calls (turn it off) and that Mint is my Default calling account for making calls.

Your settings may be different for your Samsung.

Hope this helps

Here is another thread to check. Found suggestions for Settings>Apps & Notifications>Advanced>Default Apps

I wanted to add for anyone still having trouble finding the settings to turn off “wyze” as an option. On my phone (Android 9), I found the settings in the Phone App - Call Settings/Additional Settings/Calling Accounts/All Calling Accounts. It was buried and not the easiest to find.

As others said, this was extremely frustrating. After turning off VoIP in the Wyze app the issue continued. I deleted the Wyze app and it went away, but once I reinstalled the app it returned, even though I didn’t enable VoIP again. The app needs to be able to remove “wyze” as a calling account option if VoIP is disabled or if the app is uninstalled.