Doorbell straight mounting box

The doorbell should have a straight mounting box in addition to the wedge to allow room for the installation wiring as described in the instructions.

The wedge mount is fine for some locations, but others really need a straight mount.

Most doorbell buttons only have a tiny hole in the wall for the wiring. The provided flat mounting plate does not provide anywhere for the (provided) wire nuts and additional wire to go, and enlarging the hole in the wall may be impossible (brick/cement) or inadvisable (renters or people intending to remove the wyze doorbell in the future).

Adding an additional mounting box would add very little to the production cost and would remove lots of frustration.


Agreed. I ended up 3d printing an adapter. Not a fix for everyone, but as a few models have shown up almost as soon as people received their doorbells, it is a pretty wide issue.

I don’t have a 3D printer but I want a wider wedge with more angle. The old doorbell was round and this doesn’t quite cover the old opening in the brick. Not something you can easily cover up. Even just a wider base piece that the wedge can connect to and then to video doorbell itself on top of it. I guess I will keep my eyes open to see what folks come up with.


Yes absolutely should be an option! Currently my wire nuts are just hanging out and the doorbell is just installed a little incorrectly. Thought about drilling a larger hole in the frame but my doorbell wiring is in the door frame so i don’t have a lot of surface area to work with. Really unsure how this got through beta testing. It seems if it were brought up they would have the mounting plate have an option for this issue instead of either a flat install or a wedge.