Doorbell - screws are too short

The screws on the doorbell are extremely short. They should be at least 1/8" or 1/4" longer. I see where another user lost the screw, probably because it fell out, being so short.

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Take one to a hardware store and buy longer screws with the same diameter/threads if the provided ones don’t suit your needs.


I already have plenty of other screws. My point was to highlight a design flaw, so it could remedied in a future release. The end user should not be expected to do anything additional to get the product installed. Spend the extra $0.0001 to get longer screws.

You received two sets of screws, right? Longer ones for attaching to the door trim/siding, and the second smaller ones for plate to wedge attachment. I liked that they gave us 3 each set, an extra one which I actually needed. Thanks Wyze!

I was referring to the two machine screws used for attaching the 24VAC power wiring to the doorbell, not the ones for mounting it. If you back them out about a half turn beyond what is needed to slip the wire underneath, they will fall out.

Ohhh, got it. I had a similar issue. During my first installation, I couldn’t use the included white extender wires and wire caps due to lack of space, so I tried to wire directly to the terminals on back of doorbell. Those short screws fell out pretty easily. I’m not sure they intended that approach (not in instruction video), and yes, they are very short, but I got them to hold. But my camera angle was missing people standing close to door, so I installed the wedge to help and could then use the white wire extenders and caps tucked into wedge. Much better view and easier to install on back of doorbell unit.

Depending on how things are situated inside a longer screw could cause damage, I have not opened one up to look

Isn’t that why RING had to issue a warning a while ago because folks were using the wrong size screws and the door bells were catching on fire? :open_mouth: