Doorbell not working correctly?

I have a video doorbell that refuses to work properly, It will not play clips or record consistently.
If it does manage to record a clip, its 99% of the time something completely useless, and most of the time it is the night vision clicking on/off when a car drives by. The clips show as zero seconds long, occasionally with an ‘error 6’. It is a direct replacement for a cam v2 and the signal strength shows excellent. Ive set up the detection area to only be directly on the front stairs, and cut off the ~30 feet of lawn that used to be in the frame to cut down on the useless recordings, but nothing has seemed to fix it.

I submitted a support request but havent heard a damn thing back. Hoping for some help before i throw it in the garbage.

I’ve disabled night vision and the white light and just leave a porch light on.