Doorbell installation on a 120v original buzzer

I have a 120v buzzer installed at home, (attached pic of what the wiring looks like, the plug above is the doorbell and the one below is the buzzer).

Can anyone help me on how to run the circuit for the video doorbell? I have already purchased the transformer (16v ~ 10av).

Thanks in advance!

You generally need the 16VAC wires from the new transformer to go to the new Video Door Bell. I think most houses install the 16VAC transformer near the circuit breaker box?

If what we see in your picture is a mock-up of what you have in your walls (looks typical), the White & Black wires from the circuit breaker would get cut at the CB panel, and the 120 VAC side would go to the input of the 16VAC transformer.

Then the other half of the cut White & Black lines that go to the doorbell & switch would be connected to the output of the 16 VAC transformer.

Then you would remove the buzzer, tie those two wires together, and that would give you 16VAC on the Black & Purple wires at the new VDB.


Just popping in to say my experience, my doorbell transformer is in a crawlspace under my kitchen, and is on the same circuit as the crawlspace lights and kitchen lights themselves. Front door is right off the kitchen and thats where the old doorbell was and now the wyze vdb is. Ive seen it mentioned to be found everywhere. If you had the choice to mount it yourself, id say pick an easyly accessible area.