Doorbell & IFTTT

I have a Wyze Doorbell (among other items) and want to connect my ewelink (Sonoff switch) gate opener to activate the gate between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Can this be done? I don’t see any connection capabilities between doorbell and ifttt… ?? What am I missing?

Im looking for similar functionality via IFTTT or alexa routines.

I want to turn on the porch light when the doorbell detects motion. So far it doesn’t look like there is any integrations to anything yet?

Same here. Would love to see some doorbell integration with IFTT and/or google home similar to the other Wyze products

Another vote for Wyse doorbell support in the Wyse IFTTT app. The apps notifications are great but I’d like email and some other integrations.

Plus another one for requesting Supoort for this. Need to trigger actions in IFTTT with doorbell motion detection and even doorbell being pressed.

Yup… That would be great if you could put the doorbell notification and the doorbell’s motion detection notification into the Wyze IFTTT app. Current phone notifications sound like every other app notification and it would be good to either have options on the phone’s notification sound (say, to sound like a doorbell) or have the option for IFTTT connection to the Google Home app to announce “Someone is at the door”. It would go a long way to making the doorbell more functional and easy to use.

I do this with WYZE Native Rules using WYZE Doorbell and WYZE Smart Bulb.
When Doorbell Detects person then Turn on Bulb w/ 100% brightness
Turn off if no motion for 15 minutes