Doorbell feedback

Bought 2 of these - one for front door, one for side door. Pretty easy to install, except:

Issue #1 - it took me a while to connect because it refused to connect to 5GHz. I tried several times, on each unit to no avail. Signal strength is not a issue. I finally tried connected to 2.5 GHz and it connected with no problem. Do these not support 5GHz?

Issue #2 - Inconsistent sensitivity. I installed the one on my side door first. I left the sensitivity settings as it came - at 5. At that level, it catches all motion, it seems, within 5 feet. No complaint. However, when I installed the one for my front door - I also left the sensitivity setting at 5, but this time it wouldn’t detect any motion or record at any distance unless I wave my hand directly (like 2 inches) in front of it. I had to increase the sensitivity level gradually (set it at 50) for it to detect any motion at the door. Has anyone else experienced this?

Issue #3 - I assumed that multiple doorbell units can connect to multiple chimes simultaneously, in case you want plug the chimes in different rooms or different levels of the house. I tried to do this, but it seems each chime can only connect to one doorbell unit at a time. When I tried to set up one doorbell unit to both chimes, the second chime disconnected from the other doorbell unit. Am I doing something wrong, or is simultaneous connection to multiple units not supported?

Issue # 4 - when viewing the camera from an Alexa Show device, the image comes in sideways. Is there anyway to fix this?


#1 by design
#4 also happens to me although on chromecast (image is sideways)