Doorbell: everyone is pressing lens not button

I like white. My trim is white.

4 for 5! Papa John’s hit the ring button!

I love that you can see the blue light on his finger as he reaches for it:

Also, at least this guy actually positioned it on the DRY part of the porch, unlike the other package guy.

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The very first person to come in contact with my Wyze Doorbell pushed the lens. SMH

So you are 0 for 1 on hitting the doorbell button. Keep them coming!

Why go through all this trouble when you could just make this hypothetical lens-button just be the doorbell button?..

I assumed that was his implication.

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As Customer said, that is exactly what I was talking about. You make the lens a button by making it pressure sensitive – when it is a button it can act as a “trigger” to do anything you want it to do (ie: ring your phone to tell you someone rang the doorbell). The custom siren/pre-recorded messages are just for fun, and are simply the actions you could choose it to do when the lens-button is triggered. After it is a button, the rest of the stuff is simply rules/actions that can be associated with the button for entertainment purposes…how fun would this thread be to post people’s reactions to the prerecorded messages given after they press the lens instead of the normal button? :rofl:

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Reading through these posts are so much fun. I admit when my BF installed ours I did try to press the camera lens :slight_smile: His solution was to 3D print a “skin” in all black so I would stop smudging up the lens.


You should take a picture of it with the 3D printed skin on it and post it for us to see!

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“A former police officer in California is facing charges after he allegedly threatened to “put a bullet” in an 11-year-old boy’s head over a doorbell prank, authorities said.”

That officer should install a Wyze doorbell :grin:

That is way messed up.

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