Doorbell: everyone is pressing lens not button

Design is non issue in my experience… This is my 4th smart doorbell and this one (Wyze) is a keeper. Simple, compact, and although not perfect, it works for me.

Well, if they press the camera lens, you don’t want to get the door.

Reminds of the time I worked in an office and I was given a security card that you wave in front of the door sensor to unlock it.

They put a hall light switch right beside the sensor, and they look almost similar …

Just put a sticker on the button “PRESS HERE” or a sticker with a standard doorbell button picture on it

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One would think the bell icon that’s there would be enough. Lol :man_shrugging:


I think the problem is the camera lens stick out, it looks like something to press.


Ordered mine on 9/27 still waiting for it…

That and the outline of the bell icon needs to be more prominent. Kind of hard to see the icon in daylight.


So some have blue bell and some are white?

It’s white when there’s no activity, but there’s a multicolor backlight behind the icon for status and activity.

I can’t believe you guys still think that’s obvious or intuitive as a place to press a doorbell. Does it mean “alarm”? “Volume”? “Speaker”? “Bell”? An AT&T product logo? Why would that symbol imply “this is where to press and not that big black protruding physical button immediately above me”? It is a terrible design.


Mine’s still awaiting shipping, but I’m fascinated by this issue. Would a “PRESS HERE” label help, you think?

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Not sure if you’re joking but actually yes I think it would. :slight_smile:

At least a little.

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Nothing will be flawless, but the “press here” label should help.

After replacing my RCA doorbell camera (for various reasons) back to a dumb, but illuminated, simple doorbell button, people still knock on the door (which is mostly made of glass) instead of pressing the well lit button which cannot possibly be missed as a doorbell. I have my dumb doorbell chime monitored by a Wyze door contact sensor so I get a notification when the doorbell button has been pressed.

I realize Wyze probably has not included this capability, but maybe setup a rule to have the doorbell announce instructions to press the bell icon, upon person detection. This function may also deter thieves if either their presence at your door has been announced, or if they realize they are being monitored. Just an idea.

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Well @Customer how would you feel if Wyze came out with a new f/w that read the fingerprint, applied a lookup table & announced who was at the door? :grinning: You’re right, never gonna happen.

Good idea @carverofchoice - VDB companies should make the lens area pressure sensitive to trigger pre-recorded message, “Ouch, that was my eye!" :scream:


Is the icon Blue or White?

Rev 2 of the hardware needs a design change, period. The camera lens should be as invisible as possible. Not protruding out in front of the actual button. Canceling my other order for other doors. This design is not working out for my visitors.

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I have an RCA door bell right now. I’m always cleaning thumb prints off the camera lens. When the weather gets a little warmer I’ll install my WYZE door bell.

If only the lens were tiny, flat, and/or invisible. The following is by all accounts an absolutely dreadful doorbell that no one should ever waste money on, but its physical format has the right idea (though still room for improvement).



They copied the raised camera lenses from the latest Samsung and Apple phones.