Doorbell error code 6

Do you figure that deleting and re-installing it did the trick? When you say you deleted it, are you referring to deleting the software from your device and then re-installing it? Thanks.

I also get the error 6 for when I try to view recorded conversations at the doorbell. I can watch video stream from it live no problem, I can have a conversation with someone without a problem too. However, every doorbell push throws error 6 if I try to watch it again afterwards. I also get ZERO notifications for non-doorbell ring events from the doorbell. I have Wyze Cam v2, v3, WCO so I’m not new to working with Wyze products. I’ve tried the following to resolve this with 0 luck.

  • Device firmware
  • Wyze Cam has full reception bars and I can watch video live without issue and receive doorbell calls without issue
  • Reboot the doorbell
  • Deleted it from my account and re-added it
  • Removed Wyze Cam Plus and re-added it several times
  • Ensured the silence mode wasn’t on (I get notifications from all my other devices)
  • Ensured Motion Detection is on
  • Ensured all Notifications are on
  • Tried various Motion Detection settings and zones
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It seems to have started working again as the CamPlus trial ended.
One device is getting an error code 09 though. The person that I shared it with can view, but I get error 09.

My Cam Plus trial ended and it did not fix mine. I still get 0 recordings and 0 notification even though I can watch live without problems or receive calls from the doorbell without problem but none of them get uploaded.

Getting error code 05 consistently now. Everything worked fine until 3 days ago. I’ve restarted my wifi, and the signal is strong. Restarted the doorbell. Logged out and logged in. Wyze really needs to fix this. The chat was pretty useless, basically wait ten minutes to have them say “we’ve received your log and the team is working on it”. I don’t get the feeling they are since this has been going on for others since February. So… How much is a Ring doorbell anyway?

I was able to resolve my issue at least with error 5/6 on my doorbell. I’ve noticed this with some IoT devices that they hard code IPs in their code so some activities run faster by bypassing DNS. I think the doorbell video stream is like that but the upload process does DNS lookups. I forgot to set a DNS server in the static assignment for the device which meant it wasn’t getting any DNS. This was confusing to track down because I was able to add the product, view video from it, and get ring events but no motion/sound detection events. Adding the DNS reference and rebooting the doorbell resolved the issue for me.

I’ve been getting either Error code 5 or 6 for over a week. Tried all the tiresome suggestions from Wyze. All my indoor and outdoor cameras work fine, but the doorbell has been nothing but trouble since I installed it. Thinking of switching to the Ring doorbell.

I’ve been getting Error 6 lately.

How does one set a DNS for one particular device?

Also, I think Wyze Doorbell wifi is made by TX Instruments? … I think that’s what shows up on my Wifi scanner app. Is that correct? … If the doorbell is TX Instr., it’s also appears that it has no encrypted connection to my router.

You would need to be using static assignments where you define the individual settings per device.

Ok. I think I’ve done that.

But I thought the person was referring to assigning a specific DNS to the Wyze device.

There is a free and simple workaround to the problem, if you are getting an error code on the Doorbell and the video does not play.

It’s posted here in Wyze doorbell error message code 09

It’s not a solution but it’s a useful workaround.