Doorbell chime schedule resets itself

I have a Wyze Doorbell (FW and a Wyze Chime (FW:

I have set the chime schedule to “All day” but after a while, the chime does not work anymore when someone rings the bell. Checking the schedule settings: It’s always set to a random Start time and End time and the “All day” switch is disabled.

Is there anything I could do to fix this from my side or is this considered to be a bug?


Interesting behavior.

Try clearing the app cache in account > app settings. Then force close the app and update all the settings. Also make sure the device and app are up to date. See if that makes a difference.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try and will report if this did solve my issue.

Your proposed solution did unfortunately not work long. Today it was set again to a random Start and End time.

Hmm, since it doesn’t look like anyone else chimed in here, best is to get a log and give it to support. To get a log, go to the device > settings > Wyze support > submit a log. Then contact support and give them the log number. Thanks!

I currently experienced similar issue. I have updated both Wyze doorbell and the chime to the latest available firmware. I also have tried to delete the Wyze Doorbell and re-added it again. Unfortunately, nothing has working.

I have the same issue here. I can reset the schedule and it works immediately but some time later the schedule changes to some nonsense time.

Same issue here. Schedule randomly resets to about a 4 minute period during the night.

Any fix or workaround yet? The doorbell is useless with this bug.

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My current workaround: I check the app daily and if the settings have been changed I just set them again. Very annoying! I hope this bug will be soon fixed! As you said: the doorbell is useless with this bug!

Yep. Same issue here. STOP TURNING MY DOORBELL OFF!! This can’t be hard to fix. Come on, Wyze.

Other than that everything works great. 100% success rate in detecting people and not anything else.

This is the primary use case for this device…sounding the chime. How can this pass QA! Please fix it!