Doorbell chime as motion notification

Whenever doorbell senses motion, I would like to hear a chime alert. That way, I can get a headstart knowing someone is approaching the doorbell or is in range of the doorbell.

especially if it can be a different sound than the actual doorbell press

I would like to see this too. Anyone know if the Chime is compatible with IFTTT?

I would definitely like this feature. I have used this feature with my Ring Doorbells for a number of years now and I just assumed the Wyze Doorbell would have this feature. I was very disappointed when it did not and have been hopeful for that to be added in an update.

Can anyone from Wyze chime in (no pun intended) on this topic and let us know if this feature is coming soon?

I too wish there was a different time notification than the other camera notifications

I am surprised that this is not possible yet. It seems like a simple request. There should be the ability to set a rule to ring the chime when a motion/person is detected with the ability to customize the chime sound so one can differentiate between a person motion alert and someone actually pressing the doorbell. Also having one’s phone chime as an option when someone presses the doorbell would be fantastic as well.

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I agree! I’m surprised that I can’t set it although I bought the cam plus for it. Hopefully there will be an update to the software for it sometime soon

I wish they would make a different notification sounds for vehicles, person, ect.

Enable chime to sound when motion detected from video doorbell pro please.