Doorbell chime as motion notification

Whenever doorbell senses motion, I would like to hear a chime alert. That way, I can get a headstart knowing someone is approaching the doorbell or is in range of the doorbell.

especially if it can be a different sound than the actual doorbell press


I would like to see this too. Anyone know if the Chime is compatible with IFTTT?

I would definitely like this feature. I have used this feature with my Ring Doorbells for a number of years now and I just assumed the Wyze Doorbell would have this feature. I was very disappointed when it did not and have been hopeful for that to be added in an update.

Can anyone from Wyze chime in (no pun intended) on this topic and let us know if this feature is coming soon?


I too wish there was a different time notification than the other camera notifications

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I am surprised that this is not possible yet. It seems like a simple request. There should be the ability to set a rule to ring the chime when a motion/person is detected with the ability to customize the chime sound so one can differentiate between a person motion alert and someone actually pressing the doorbell. Also having one’s phone chime as an option when someone presses the doorbell would be fantastic as well.


I agree! I’m surprised that I can’t set it although I bought the cam plus for it. Hopefully there will be an update to the software for it sometime soon

I wish they would make a different notification sounds for vehicles, person, ect.

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Enable chime to sound when motion detected from video doorbell pro please.


I too like the chime sounds when a person is detected

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I am with you on this just like the Ring Doorbell on the APP notice. When I am away from home the wind chimes gave me time to get the phone out open the app etc. My reason for changing from Ring was for all the things that Wyze is better at like the speed of the alert, picture, Wifi strength, remote chime, and APP. But the loss of the prewarning by the wind chime sound for motion is still hard to get notified before they have gone. The bell notice coming like a call is good and fast. But it comes as my standard ring tone. So the wind chime motion notice would still help.

I agree that the Wyze Doorbell is superior in every way save the collaboration with the chime. I got so frustrated with the Ring that after upgrading it I gave up and ordered the Wyze as soon as it was announced. The subscription to Ring was ridiculous as well to get cloud recording. Wyze only captures people on my porch as the ONLY thing Ring would record was cars driving by. REALLY?

Why was this not thought of when designing the product? So many features that we should have out the gate compared to all the other similar products.

Agreed. The Doorbell needs a distinct notification sound.

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Sorry I did not look sooner. The doorbell sound can be set. Setting in the APP for the Door Bell just below Advanced Settings is Chime WYZ word for bell. next page Chime sound Clear Doorbell gets it for me. Did not look hard enough. I would still like a motion sound Wind chimes would work for me. Or choices like the Chime.

This process, johnlee5927, allows you to customize the sound the Chime plugged into the wall makes. It does not allow customization of the notification sound within the app for doorbell presses. Like others, I think the sound from the app when someone presses the doorbell button should be uniquely customizable so that it can be different from other notification sounds. I tend to ignore or delay checking on Wyze notifications from cameras, but doorbell presses need immediate attention, so they should sound different.

Again, I just want to be notified whenever someone has been on my porch via chime. Why is that such a big request?

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I agree with the way the Button push works now that I have found it in the APP my bad.
But my real request is a special push notification for someone coming to the door Bell or loitering insight of the doorbell camera. That is settable just like the sound of the button.

I agree. I completely miss the doorbell sounding a chime notification that it has sensed motion. I don’t want just a chime sound when the doorbell is pushed, I want it when the camera senses motion as well. Its awesome to know who is lurking around the outside of your house when you are at home.

Would be nice to know the status of this. I would also take this concept a step further and suggest the chime be “independent” of the doorbell - e.g. make it possible for ANY camera to access the chime with a unique tone when motion is detected. Alexa does this verbally, but the interface has been very flaky lately - it would be nice if Wyze could use the chime within its system as a central alert mechanism from any Wyze device, not just the doorbell.

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