Doorbell bug

My doorbell in my second home goes off line if the internet goes off. When the internet comes back on the doorbell stays offline. It won’t reconnect until I power cycle and reset the doorbell. That’s a two hour drive. Unacceptable. All the other Wyze cameras come back online with no problem. The doorbell does not reconnect. Please fix in the next update. Meanwhile, no front door security…:rage:


have you considered adding a wyze plug so power cycle remotely? I added one to mine, it has come in handy a few times.

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My doorbell is wired outside. I would have to add it to the transformer hot wire located in my basement.
It doesn’t happen often but when it does I have no camera on my front door

yeah, that’s where I have mine, at the transformer in the basement


I have the same complaint. Every camera should come back to “on-line” status, after a power outage, This should be a known problem by the engineers - with a plan to fix/improve the product.