Doorbell answering on Google Home Hub Max Display

I asked via Twitter and they said I should post here. I have a Ring doorbell that does NOT ring on my Google Home Max Display. Ring only does that with Amazon’s display. Other doorbells can with Google/Max. If you can have your doorbell ring on my Google display and allow me to answer the doorbell on the display and interact with the person at the door, like you can with the app on a mobile device, I’d pre-order now and order for all my friends and family too.

Yes! Why is this not an option?

This is an absolute MUST and also a huge selling point for me! PLEASE Wyze.


So any news on this Wyze? Right now I currently have an autoview automation with tasker, but a built-in official integration would be much better… @WyzeTeam


Bump! Any news?

Any updates from wyze on integration with the Doorbell and Google Next Home Max?