Doorbell and person detection

I activated cam+ on my Wyze doorbell. I was hoping to create a routine in Alexa with a trigger IF PERSON WAS DETECTED at doorbell, then announce that a person is at the door. To my surprise, activating cam+ on the doorbell does not show a trigger for person detection in Alexa. only “if doorbell is pressed”. Alexa does not take into consideration that the doorbell has a camera and considers it to be only a doorbell with a push button. End result: I will drop my cam+ subscription for the doorbell. What a pity!

CamPlus will allow you to utilize the Wyze Notification process and Alert / Notify only on the AI process. I have the doorbell as well and use CamPlus for Wyze Notifications and remove the need to select All Motion and minimize the false alerts. I also turned on Alexa Announcement when the button is pressed and turned on Wyze VoIP so it makes a call to my phone. This actually helps as it is different from a normal notification. This may be a beta feature, don’t remember.

Just something to consider.