Don't purchase Cam Plus through Apple Store

Beware, purchasing a subscription for Cam Plus through Apple Store is a nightmare and Wyze Support knows this is a problem. I have many Wyze Products and often spread the word about their products, so when I wanted to try Cam Plus I was shocked that how poorly the experience in ordering it has been. Support just told me that their servers don’t link up with Apple so I need to contact Apple to get my paid prescription activated or a refund. I was referred to their website to order a subscription. This has been a hugely frustrating experience, and Wyze response was, “we know there is an issue with ordering through the App, sorry.” I guess I just assumed they would treat their customers a little better and not just push it off on Apple.

Plus, if everyone keeps ordering through the Apple store, Wyze will have to raise their prices because Apple takes such a huge cut. Please everyone, just go order it directly from Wyze instead so Wyze can keep prices down as much as possible. That’s half the reason people love Wyze because they do everything they can to keep offering us reasonable prices…if most people order through the Apple Store Cam Plus prices will have to go up at least 30% to compensate…

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I believe I have experienced similar via Goog’s “store”. Commenced transaction on Android device via Wze app. Ended up paying through Goog, at a higher price. When it became evident that there was no actual benefit of Cam Plus for the WOC the subscription could only be terminated by not being renewed at end of the (year) term. Wyze’s advertised price, and refund policy not being readily obtained, if available at all, from my not evil pals at Goog. I love all the Wyze cams I have worked with. It is a very very reasonably priced hobby. Real fond of the Goog too. A little sad I was bamboozled, but I’ll be more vigilant (yeah sure) about how I click henceforth. Gotta go now, CIA is on other phone, needing my maternal Grandfather’s favorite dog’s middle name, or they’ll “issue warrent”. Yikes!

Yes, I just experienced the same thing. Wyze Support’s replies to me were not much help since they just avoided my questions as if they didn’t understand what I was showing them. They kept saying that I used a different email address when ordering from the Wyze App on but when I sent them the receipt from Apple acknowleging the purchase, it clearly showed the same email address on the purchase order as Wyze has on file. I presented the problem to Apple and they just issued a refund. I think that Wyze should just delete their App. if they can’t coordinate the payments with Apple and credit us as customers with our intended purchase. And, by the way, I was presented with this offer banner on my Wyze app on my iPhone while doing other things there.

Same thing with me. Ordered from Apple. Got charged $28 and could not get it to work. Apple refunded me and i bought directly through Wyze for $18 and it started working like a charm.

FYI this is still an issue. I upgraded from 1 cam yearly subscription to 2 cam and was charged $42 and change by Apple through the AppStore. Wyze has no record of this so im dealing with Apple now. Wyze should change the app so you are directed to there site to purchase subscriptions, not Apple App Store. or fixt the linkage between Wyze and Apple. This is unacceptable. phones and apps are supposed to make our lives easier, but this is a royal pain.

Apple does not allow in-app purchases by spawning a direct connection to Wyze.

Apple gets 30% of in-app purchases on all apps.

It will be interesting to see how the recent Epic v. Apple ruling will change things.

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This may potentially allow companies like Wyze to route people to their website with cheaper prices instead of buying through Apple at increased prices.

Although some argue that it’s not that simple and that there is a lot of ambiguity in the injunction that could cause Apple to take other steps to force developers to pay an “Apple Tax” if they start allowing too many purchases outside of the app.

IANAL and I am not saying I know what the best solution is for a business, I just know that I personally choose to order as much as possible through a company’s website directly instead of through a Google or Apple app that I personally feel is taxing the devs excessively…I agree Apple and Google deserve some amount of compensation for their hosting and security scanning and such…I’m just not convinced that a 30% cut or increase is what I would call “fair” from what I’ve seen…so I go to the companies’ websites directly for now, except for the initial one time “purchase” of an app when applicable.