Don't buy wyse!

Let me try this again before we have to shut down this thread.

Comments and complaints about Wyze products and services are fair game. Wyze wants to hear them and try to learn from them. These comments will not be deleted or censored.

On the other hand, the Community Guidelines must be followed. In particular,

  • Keep posts relevant to Wyze.
  • Do not post political rhetoric.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.
  • Remember to criticize ideas, not people.
  • Please avoid name-calling.

Bottom line, complain about Wyze all you want, but be respectful of each other, stay on topic and no personal attacks.


But… there’s nothing bad anyone can say about Wyze, except that no one ever returns your messages. Aside from that, it’s clear Wyze product is made from the tears of angels.


@Loki actually, do you work for Wyze? If so, we prob need to chat. Please hit me up. I can’t get anyone from Wyze to return my messages.

@russ_hanneman Check your spam/junk. For some reason their support emails always end up in my junk spam folder. Even when I white list.

Must be a Wyz(s)e employee. They always get a new user account with very in depth knowledge of wyze.

This is primarily a user to user forum. If you need to get in touch with Wyze, call the Wyze Customer Service number.

1 (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Mavens and Mods are not Wyze employees


Any idea how to reach someone that’s not front line? I’ve called, left messages, no reply. I’ve send message to people on here that are admins, no reply. I have something they would likely want to see.

You can contact Gwendolyn via PM. Here

@WyzeGwendolyn is an official Wyze employee and will be glad to help you.

You can be unsatisfied and tell everyone about it. And you’ve done that.

That said, many users don’t seem to have the issues you’ve had.

I run eleven Wyze cams (both regular and cam pan), door sensors, motion detection, plugs, and bulbs at a property I own in another state. I also am aware of at least ten of my business clients who run cams, plugs, and door sensors.

My only issue ever has been when the electricity at that remote location has gone out and affected my network router there. I can reset my router remotely, and that fixes everything.

My three cam pans stay in the same position. Always. And I’m away from the property for sometimes six months. So I rely on the cameras heavily.

I understand that everyone’s mileage may vary. But I’ve been so pleased with the super-affordable products I’ve purchased from Wyze.

I’ve messaged her over several days with no reply. :slight_smile: Doesn’t seem like a true statement.

No, I am not a Wyze employee. I am a volunteer forum moderator and fellow user.

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Two of my sensors died within a year

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How could this person being using Wyze for over two years and spell it Wyse? Obviously a fake poster.

As a random guy who read through this whole thread, I just want to say, I love my wyze cams. They work for me very well.

As for support, I do feel it takes longer than other companies, but it always got resolved.

As for windows 10, I like it, but prefer Linux.

I don’t use Gimp or Photoshop. I use affinity products, which are a 1 time purchase, best move ever. For photography I use On1 products.

I am a beta tester for Wyze that does not get paid or get free products. They pretty much send me buggy software for me to send in logs when things don’t work correctly. However, throughout the years, I have only had to about 3 issues which were resolved fairly quickly with an update.

Also I agree with the person who said buy it if you like, don’t buy it if you don’t like it. They are not saying to stop complaining or anything, at least I don’t think, but saying to choose with you wallet. Also, don’t lose sleep over it. Thank goodness these are cheap devices. But I have had bigger issues with $200 cameras then the wyze cams I have. I just stopped buying the cameras I don’t like. Am I out $400(2cams), sure, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. So, you as well, don’t lose sleep over it. Enjoy life. Find a camera that you do want to use and support. Look up reviews online and research things. Maybe build your own camera using Chinese parts. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week!


The question is, do you prefer using old laptop webcams, or Raspberry Pi cameras? :grinning:

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I love raspberry pis!!! But let’s not get too off topic here :slightly_smiling_face:


My comments to WYZE…

I have one Cam down (not working) now out of 12. I only tried to reset it so for, but no luck. I will try other options but am not mad at WYZE as i have been an early adopter of wyze products from the Cam’s, Bulbs, Switches/Plugs, Motion Sensors, and Scale without any issues. My wife and I regularly monitor our Cam’s that are grouped as Outdoors, 1st floor, and 2nd floor to watch our 2 dogs and 1 cat. The new “Person Detection ‘’ (PD) seems to work pretty well after the original AI at the edge company ended and wyze took-up the project. I dont know why the 1st AI company for Person Detection was kicked out. If this great idea was that of wyze i sure hope that wyze takes the prior 1st AI company to court on IP. We also use the email notification feature for Person Detection and sometimes any and all detection (visual, sound). Wyze should come up with Pet Detection, i.e. things with 4 legs and no arms. Last year American Households with Pets outnumbers Households with Children; thus, Pet Detection would be great to catch my Lab named Luna jumping up on the kitchen counter to grab the left over pizza. This would be a game changer. We do catch her but with standard motion detection. The future will be facial detection as Amazon does with Amazon Photos, Apple with Photos, and Google with photos. This technology is amazingly good. Try is by downloading your phones photos to Amazon or Google then see the head shots it auto captures…you can then name the people. I have a Cam pointed at the Amazon drop-off location behind a pillar near my front door. This is a great use of the Cam. I can see my wife sleeping in on the weekends from downstairs so i don’t make a bunch of noise till she wakes up. I tried for the last two Christmases to make use of the wyze Cams on the large (10.1” ??), 8", and 5" Amazon Shows but did not have great success. I did not drill down into how to set them up with Wyze or Amazon support/tech. I just sent back all 6 Amazon Shows as i have Amazon Prime. Maybe this Christmas I will try again; however, its not too pressing now as i ran across an Android Emulator for the PC/MAC. Its called “BlueStacks” and works great. The functionality and image quality is the same as on my iPhone 10…Plus i can load any Google Play (iSO App on my Apple Pads) for other uses. It was like finding gold yesterday when I installed it. As most people are working from home due to Covid 19 (and many will keep working from home after Covid 19 if over as it saves companies money, provides more productivity, less carbon footprint, less drive time, lower insurance…the list of benefits goes on and on as companies having employees work from home). You can use BlueStacks to check real-time your Cam’s inside and out of the House on most likely a 2-3 monitor PC setup. I’m not sure how many companies will let this app onto their LAN. My dogs bark and I take a look at my Cam’s to see if it is my Amazon Pkg, Good stuff. I wish I could view all 12 Cams at once but have not figured that one out yet. The Wyze Cam app only allows 3 Cam’s to be viewed at one time (just like your phone)…you must scroll down to see the other Cams. Also, I have not found a way to view in landscape to see 4 Cams. I have tested many other Cam’s and have not found any that are better for setup, quality, functionality, user interface, price, etc. I wish that wyze moves faster into the home automation space with a full host of appliances that some other companies have. I still use X10 for my lighting control…so I would vote 1,000 times for wize to develop a wyze in the wall switch. I see that Amazon is running away with the home automation space and wish that wyze get with Amazon to better integrate their items. Better yet, I wish (and believe) that Amazon should buy Wyze as its a great fit with Alexa.

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Yes, this is a problem when using the Wyze app in BlueStacks and other Android emulators. :expressionless:

Give this free app a try. It runs great in BlueStacks and you can view up to 25 cams on one screen. :grinning: ( there is also a paid Pro version with more features like serving the cams up to a web page )

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Hey speaking of Tinycam, I haven’t taken that plunge quite yet - any chance they DON’T store your Wyze credentials on their own servers but instead have your locally installed client pass them on to Wyze as needed? Because that would quell some safety concerns…