Doesn't always capture someone at the door

why? It seems to be hit and miss…

Could be a lot of reasons, but we will need more info in order to try to help. What device are you referring to, Cam or motion sensor, are you on Android or IOS. If a cam, which one and what are your settings for detection and notification
A description of the door area scenario with lighting info, time of day, etc. -anything like that would help. What is occurring when it succeeds and when it fails.


Yes, can you give more info? Maybe upload a sample view, or something you think was a miss? You are new, so we may need to get some moderators involved to allow you to upload. We need to understand your situation to make a guess.


also would help to know if you have the cam plus subscription or not.

Visual aids! The group likes photos or videos showing what’s up or what’s not. Helps more than trying to explain something.

Edit/ last sentence should say "Helps more than just trying to explain something. An explanation of things along with the visual aids is best of course :slight_smile: "

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I’ll take a stab at this. Assuming your using the Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) the problem might be the way that the PIR (passive inferred) works.

WCO detects movement by heat. Furthermore if you walk from the top of the image to the bottom of the image in a strait line it has a harder time detecting you than if you walk across the field of view. This is imply how PIR works.

If I’m correct assuming its a WCO that we are talking about, you might want to try putting it in a slightly different position. anything that makes the target move more laterally across the field of view would help.