Does Wyze have an build schedule goal?

Is there some overall goal to come out with new software annually? monthly?
It seems in the rush to get new features out old features get broke.

@gemniii Thanks for bringing this up. We do tend to be features-driven, as you can see customers always request for new features to be added. It’s a bit complex trying to balance new vs. old features and we do our best to make sure that old versions are compatible. We do regression tests and non-negative impact testing (e.g. make sure everything still works) but it’s very difficult to do and admittedly we don’t always get this right. Please do let us know right away if you catch anything, our engineering team is actively monitoring the forums and other channels so we can at least respond quickly.

Having been in the software development cycle for over 20 years I remember the reams of paper and months of person hours devoted to software testing. Much of it seemed useless until one found a critical feature that did not work. It is often difficult to determine if a slight change in software disrupts a previously working feature, especially when the software runs on multiple platforms. This process may have changed since I retired 8 years ago.

For example time-lapse was working well for me and many others. Then it “broke” several builds ago. Now on the last beta it’s working on some of my systems.

But my question was does Wyze have build schedules?

Presently the “beta testing” seems more like early release software. Anybody gets it and there is no direction of testing certain features and reporting back. And there is little structure to the “beta” section of this board.

If there are goals and more structure could be applied to beta testing we might be able to find more “broke” features quicker.

Yes we do have a build schedule, a comprehensive one. It’s quite complex as we are managing multiple firmwares, alpha, beta, production releases, while juggling cam, sense, bulb, and other parallel products. All this while managing multiple external partners such as AI and Google Assistant I agree 100% that the beta is a bit chaotic, something we have to think about.

@WyzeTao @WyzeRoy to chime in.

At the other end of the spectrum, I happen to participate in Quicken’s beta program. It is run through centercode. It is extremely structured with beta participants being given very specific assignments on what to test and detailed surveys upon completion. There’s a formal bug reporting system. Active beta participants are rewarded with free subscription to their software.

This may all be a bit overboard for Wyze, but perhaps something in-between that and what we have now might be appropriate.

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Quicken’s beta program reads more like what I expected, except for rewards, which I don’t expect.
I do expect software to improve.

We are looking at other tools to use at the moment, no specific timelines yet because we want to make it as easy as possible for the community members. But will continue to bring this up to our team – this is for the beta program.

The build schedule is a thing on its own that we have to figure out separately.

i think this is such a good idea. having a more directed beta program (kinda like how the alpha program is) is a very good idea in my opinion.