Does the outdoor camera battery life depend on signal strength?


I purchased two outdoor cameras (each came with a base) when they first came out. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the cameras had around a 25% charge when it arrived and the other was completely drained (I didn’t make note of which one was fully drained, so I don’t know which camera it is).

I fully charged both cameras, activated and installed them on August 8th (almost exactly two months ago). One is installed over our driveway and the other over our deck in the back. They are both connected to the same base station, located in the back of our house.

The deck camera shows three bars on the base station (it’s probably 10 feet from the station with only one wall in between). The driveway camera fluctuates between one bar and no bars (it’s probably 30 feet away, but also has to pass through multiple walls).

Right now the driveway camera has 26% battery left; the deck camera has 47%. Each camera has an SD card, and each receives 10 or less motion notifications a day. The only difference (other than if one does actually have a “bad” battery) is the signal strength. So, I thought I’d see if that effects battery life. I would prefer not to have each camera on a different base, but if that makes a difference, I may try installing my second base.

Thanks for your help!

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A weak connection can impact battery life, the camera may struggle to connect when it wakes up. But I honestly don’t know if what you are seeing can be accounted for entirely by the lack of signal strength.

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The most significant drain I’ve seen on the cams is the amount of live viewing time spent. If you are looking at one cam more than theother that would explain some of the disparity. Can’t answer the base question. All of mine are installed on the bases that came with them.


Hi @jeffwelsh_2000 Thank you for the detailed problem description. Yes, like your cell phone the unit increases power (and battery drain) to maintain connection but much less then streaming.
Agree with @tomp & @rbruceporter there is probably more to it.
You might try recharging and swapping the cameras to confirm.


It is possible that the driveway camera is “waking” more often but not uploading a video based on your sensitivity settings unless both sensitivites are set at 100.


Update: I charged both cameras back to 100% at approximately the same time. After running them for several days, the driveway camera had used 5% more battery than the deck camera. I installed my second base near the front of our house and switched the driveway camera over to it. Now both cameras show three bars of signal strength. After a couple of weeks, the driveway camera still has 5% less charge than the deck camera - meaning they seem to be draining at the same rate now. I’d say my preliminary findings indicate the base signal strength definitely plays a factor in battery life.


I would agree. I have a WCO at the back of my lot (about 90 from the base) and it does drain faster. But, no big deal for me. The camera is on a fence looking into my backyard and is very easy to access.

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