Does the cam record to cloud AND SD card?



To protect against camera theft if I utilize an SD card does the cam still upload clips to the cloud as well? This would be a nice feature down the road. Without it I am very reluctant to place one outside.


Only the alert clips are uploaded to the cloud. If someone runs up to your camera and steals it, there won’t be time for the alert to have been uploaded to the cloud. They will now have a free camera, and SD card with their picture on it.



But it will do both? Save alerts to both cloud and card?


Yes, card recording and cloud alert clips are independent of each other.


Good job, this feature was a smart decision


I agree. I’ve seen clips where the break-in person’s face was not high-res enough on the cloud. But on an SD card at 1080p it very well might be (as long as the camera wasn’t stolen). Creating a legally acceptable positive ID is very important.