Does the Alarm Panel and other Home Monitoring hardware work without 24/7 professional monitoring?

I wonder if we purchase the hardware, but decide we don’t want to continue the professional monitoring will the sensors and most importantly the alarm still function?

I wasn’t able to find this in any FAQs, so I wonder if anyone already knows the answer.


i would love to know this also, but i dont think they would want you to know it lol.


Just like everything I’ve see myself so far, I’m betting they won’t work. Wyze wants everyone tethered to their servers. I’m not sure why but as time goes on, I’m starting to believe something is up. Priducts are way to cheap to make one and with all the problems with online companies collecting and selling personal data, I wouldn’t be surprised wyze is doing the same.

Every alarm system I’ve had continues to work as in still triggering the siren but not calling the center. This alarm I would not buy as it has no cellular back up which allows smart crooks to cut your incoming power that cuts your WiFi. Wifi only only alarms are useless and every product I own from wyze isn’t the best. Lots of problems including dead batteries. For home security there is simplisafe that actually works and has cellular backup. All of my wyze cameras have gone down while on vacation and need in person reset. My non wyze have been up for 4 years with 0 failures. Not high priced.