Does Doorbell Send Push Without Chime?

Does the doorbell require a chime in order to send push notifications to the app? I want to use it kind of like an alert button. Press the button and get notification on the app only?

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The Original Video Doorbell does not require a Chime. The Chime is only used so if Push happens, it will ring in your home.

The Video Doorbell Pro does require the Chime as that is how it connects to the Network and internet.

You can also enable VoIP for both Doorbells, so it will actually ring your phone if someone presses the button. I use this feature and like it a lot.


Thanks for that!
Primarily I want to use this as a call button for my elderly mother when she is alone.
She pushes the button and I get an alert on my Wyze app.

But Iā€™m very interested about the VoIP option too, as I use a GV number in the home.
Do you happen to have a link to instructions on setting that up? Or is there a thread on here about it?

Thanks again!

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The V1 Doorbell is Power Only and not Battery powered. The Doorbell pro is Battery powered as well.

Letting you know in case that matters

I like your thinking on this though. Out of the box and makes sense.