Do you people think WyzeCam is really for $20? I don't think it is

I have seen them for that price, but not in a store. What is the store name - I might go there.

Free shipping sucks people in while artificially increasing the profit for the seller.

Here’s how to think about it…

Let’s say you can buy a Wyze cam for $20 and it costs $6 to ship it (this is all theoretical, you can’t actually buy a good security cam for $20). All kinds of people will gripe and call BS or false advertising because the cost of the camera requires a TOTAL expenditure of $26 to own.

Now, let’s say that you start selling the same exact camera for $25 and offer free shipping. Which one is everyone going to buy? Right. The one for $25 because the total cost is $1 less than the one that was “falsely” advertised (and is, honestly, more expensive overall).

So, how does the $25 camera actually increase profit? Well, first of all, you’re actually going to sell them. Second, look at the extended cost to buy more than one…

With “free shipping”, it’s $25 times the number of cameras. Period. Always and forever. $50, $75, $100, etc.

With shipping requiring an extra charge, two cameras is $48.88, three is $71.03, four is $92.83, etc.

Everyone loves something for “free”, until they realize how much it’s costing them. So, go ahead… [redacted] spend way more than you should on products.

The camera is under $20. Period. [redacted] shipping isn’t being charged to you in a blind fashion.

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This whole thread needs a little context and scale.

A Nest Cam Indoor is $249 USD plus a $100 per year subscription fee (using the middle tier) plus free shipping.

A Wyze Cam v2 is $19.99 USD with no subscription fee plus $5.99 shipping.

It is true that Wyze are charging $5.99 for shipping, when Nest ship for free - but for ($249 + $100) = $349 I could buy 13 Wyze V2 cameras. More if I order them in bulk and take advantage of bulk shipping.


What is bulk shipping on 13?
When I try to order the max it will allow is 7 cameras for $17.24 shipping. (get’s it down to ~$2.40/camera)

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It’s a hypothetical situation. Maybe I order:

  • 5 x Wyze Cams v2 + 1 x Shipping
  • (5 x $19.99) + $5.99 = $105.94

That’s still $143.06 cheaper than one $249 Nest camera.

Again we may be talking small change but -
If I try to order 5 V2 cams from the Wyze website ( they want $14.46 for shipping, not $5.99.

Well, you’re still at least $10 ahead of buying it elsewhere where they offer it with “free” shipping.




What the heck?
How can one be so rass cheap???

If the camera was sold for $2 some people would still find something to complain about.

There is not a thing you could make and sell for that cheap and pay a bunch of people’s salary, host a website, improve product, deal with cheapskates and not go bankrupt



This thread reminded me that I needed to buy a camera and memory card.
Amazon with Prime membership “free shipping” and WA St tax: $42.90
Direct from Wyze with shipping and tax: $40.99

I went with direct from Wyze, but if I needed it “next day”, I would have paid the $2 premium for Amazon. My “cheap” brother drove over to their office and saved the shipping! He said it is a friendly chatty environment and glad to have visitors!

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We do enjoy visitors! But we don’t keep much stock here so we ask that people not come here to pick up products. :slight_smile:

Wow, price is the thing!

You might want to weigh in on this ongoing poll:

The whole thread is well worth perusing and contains Wyze’s dynamite response to customer questions about the security of the the Wyze cam and its supporting systems.

Click here to go to the thread/post where you can vote.

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easy answer to your issue… if you don’t think Wyze is worth it then don’t buy it.

that’s assuming you are really serious in this thread.

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This post is much to do about nothing. Wish I could get the time back I wasted reading it. :man_facepalming:t2:


Each Wyze v2 is $19.99, shipping is separate and as others have said on this thread, everyone is just so used to “Free” shipping but that happens when you have a big profit margin to play with and can actually offer that.

It’s no big secret that Wyze is most likely losing money is making a very small margin per each camera sold (Take into consideration cloud fees) so obviously they can’t do free shipping or after “x” amount of cameras.

They are also most likely using a third party for logistics as someone also mentioned and that carries a fee on top.

Anyways, if anyone wants to know how much the cameras actually end up being if you buy from 1 to 7 (This is the max amount allowed on the site) its:

1x Wyze Cam v2 $25.98 1x Wyze Cam Pan $37.98
2x $24.44 2x $35.25
3x $23.68 3x $34.15
4x $23.21 4x $33.54
5x $22.88 5x $33.13
6x $22.64 6x $32.84
7x $22.45 7x $32.61

We don’t lose money on the sales. We have a thin margin but it is present. :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear! :partying_face:

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There is no point to this post.

Buy the camera and write about the actual product, not shipping costs.

[…don’t think the the original post is correct] and I’m just a guy who happens to ship items out to customers.

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