Do you own a Wyze Cam Pan v1 or v2 assigned to Cam Plus?

May I have the log id please?

sure, where do I find that ?


If you didn’t receive email confirmation of your log submissions, you can find your previously submitted log IDs at Wyze app Home > Account > Wyze Support > Log History.

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perfect, thanks!

622960 and 622956


I have several Cam Pan v1 cameras using Cam Plus and almost all “motion” clips are limited to 11-12 seconds and most, but not all, “Person” detection clips are limited to 11-12 seconds. Makes me wonder why I’m paying for “Cam Plus” ?

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Hi jilhumbert,

Could you please help me submit tickets for those Pan V1. Are you also experiencing 5 mins cooldown between two events?

I can submit too. If you want.

And @jilhumbert is right. Why are we paying for something we’re not getting?

Collectively, we, anyone who can prove a continuous pattern of 12 seconds on a Cam Plus assigned camera, should be offered a refund for unprovided services or an extension of our current service equal to the amount of time that we have not received the provided service or new working cameras (not rejects) equivalent to the unprovided services.

If you can’t fix the service and give people what they pay for, then you as a company need to provide restitution.

Hmm, sounds like the start of a class action lawsuit. Any lawyers in the group?

Just my thoughts :thinking::confused:

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No, I don’t seem to be experiencing the 5-min cool down. Many of the clips are back-to-back. Where, or how, do I submit a ticket?

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Maybe not as cool down period. But you are still only getting 12 second clips when you’re paying for unlimited recording

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@jlhumbert I’ll tell you about my experience and what finally worked for me after struggling with a solution. I was having exactly the same issue as yours since day one of my Cam Plus Subscriptions.

Ask Wyze to reissue your account with new Cam Plus subscription/s, and make sure they clear/delete your current one/s. Then reassign the new subscription to the cam/s that’s only recording 12 seconds.

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That sounds like a good idea. Did you manage to do that via chat, or on the phone?

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I did it via email support. You can try doing it via the Chat support,

I forgot to mention, afterward the 12 seconds issue was resolved, from being 12 to anywhere to 45-55 seconds, when the motion was longer, it decides to create a new event recording back to back, with a couple of seconds missed in between the events - I can live with that, but not the 12 seconds dilemma.

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I have been working w\ @WyzeDesmond thru PM\DM to pinpoint the issue, sending logs, trying different things. He continues to be responsive and take all the new info and logs to the dev team.

I have 2 different CP licenses. Removing my WCPv1 from it’s current individual bonus license over to my CP Unlimited license, which are separately listed licenses on my account, did not fix the issue. I have 11 other cams on my CPU which all operate on CP as expected. For me, the issue is isolated to my WCPv1.

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I was referring to and expressing my own personal experience, not the rule.

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No worries, I understood that. Hopefully I won’t have to resort to the same given it will fubar all my cams that are working. Just wanted to keep y’all up to date on what was going on given Desmond and I have been exchanging info on the DL.

I have cam plus and v2. I get longer than 12 seconds. My firmware and app both up-to-date.


My issue is definitely with my WCPv1’s. My WCPv2 is recording clips as expected. My WCPv1’s either limit the clips to 11-12 seconds, or they will break up longer events into multiple back-to-back clips with sections of the event often missing. Motion and AI (people, vehicle, pets) events are often missed or sporadic. Occasionally the WCPv1 will record a longer clip, but the longer clips will always produce an error when trying to view.

As a test, I placed one of my Cam Pan v1 and v2 side by side to record the same event(s) and the results are completely different and clearly show the issue with Cam Plus on the WCPv1 cameras. I will post screenshots of the event clips below. The camera labeled “Living Room Cam” is the WCP version-1 and the camera labeled “Front Porch 2 (new)” is the WCP version-2.

@WyzeDesmond, please let me know what I can do to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

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5 minutes - no cool down. But, if even go longer than 5 minutes, then it will record accordingly until the event stops. Again - no cool down. I own V2.


I’ve just cancelled the subscription a couple of weeks ago for the exact same reason. Missing events and never recorded properly… Disappointing…