Do you label your power supplies and wall warts?

I label them when I get them, white ones I just use a sharpie, if they are dark colored I use a fine point yellow or white paint marker.
I have a label maker but I find this way to be quick and easy and I know what goes to what, saves time and confusion.


Lol. I was wondering if anyone else does this. I just stick a small piece of cellophane tape in an inconspicuous place and use a fine point Sharpie to note a sequential number. Power supplies, warts, cables… everything, including the boxes they came in. :grinning:


I been slacking on the cables some , I just got new a pack of some cable tag things.
Power tool batteries, I label the date I got them and number them each with paint marker


You sound a lot like me. I don’t think of this as OCD… I just like knowing where things are, what they belong to and how long they’ve been in service, among other things. :grinning:

I number my Wyze devices by general type and stick the number on all the pieces and within parentheses in the device name. Also color code them by add-on service and significance so they stand out/easier to see while zinging through Events. Here are 2 of 4 monitor panels:

I also group and sort devices on my networks by location/user/device type/MAC address for easier monitoring, quicker access and blocking:

Are we nuts, bored, misunderstood or a little/lot of each? :rofl:


No, I just read the output voltage and amperage with a 5x-10x magnifier. :slight_smile:

I do have an Excel list of network device IP / MAC addresses and locations though.

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Sounds like fun getting out a magnifying glass to see what’s what :smirk:

For me, the magnifier is easier to find than a Sharpie. :slightly_smiling_face:


For most wall warts, I put a P-Touch label on it for the device that it is used for. That is useful when things get separated, or when you are under the desk trying to figure out which of the six wall warts plugged into the plug strip is the one you want to unplug. I also numbered all my Wyze cameras - both physically with a P-Touch label (shown below) and in the software (also shown below).