DO NOT USE the "Close the Garage Door Rule" until you understand that it might OPEN, then CLOSE the garage door

Do not use the “Close the Garage Door Rule” if it operates the way mine did.

  1. Set Rule to close garage door at 7:40am to close garage door in case I left it open when I left for work

  2. at 7:40am, garage was closed from when I closed it at 7:14am, Wyze GDC OPENED the garage door.

  3. OPENED the door!

  4. Garage door was in a non closed position for 44 seconds, fully open for 20 of those 44 seconds.

  5. While I was at work, someone could of gained accessed to my Garage during that 44 seconds of opportunity, and Kept the Door open by simply standing in the garage door area or holding the door open.

Perhaps my garage door is the only GDC that functions in this manner, OPENING a fully closed Door, just to Close it 44 seconds later.

Maybe I am not using the product and/or Rules Correctly?

Wyze… was this the intent of the Rule that Closes the Garage Door? Open it, just to Close it, when it’s already closed?

I’d of preferred that the GDC recognized that the door was already fully closed, and left it alone.

See my video posted here;



Mine does exactly the same thing. I had to delete the schedule until Wyze fixes this.


I am sorry this is happening, reporting this to the team now


Please re-calibrate the QR code in the settings
Settings>Accessories>Garage Door Controller>QR Code Detection>QR code Calibration

The camera is using the QR code sticker on the garage door to determine if the door is closed or open. If the camera could not detect the QR code sticker in the ‘garage door fully closed’ position, the camera will think the door is open. Sometimes, the cause is actually the camera view was slightly moved (which affects the QR code sticker position in the camera frame), then, the calibration data is off. What you can do is to re-calibrate the QR code in the settings, and make sure the IR night vision is in the Auto mode so the QR code sticker is always visible in the camera view


I had this problem at the beginning. I believe it happened because I did the initial calibration between the Camera and the QR code. I then adjust the camera slightly to point more towards the right while still keeping the QR code in view. Finally, I set the rule to close the garage and it would close then reopened. I was able to resolve the issue by re-calibrating. I believe the camera is looking for the QR at a “close enough” specific location and it couldn’t find it so that’s why the rules failed.


Thank you for the info. I’m thinking that is probably what is causing my issue, as I recall moving the camera once after that initial calibration

I’ll re-calibrate and test this weekend.

Is there any way for the camera/controller to detect that calibration is needed, and at a minimum send a notification of that fact? And if it can be detected that the camera is out of calibration, to disable running of this rule?


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It appears the re-calibration resolved the issue.

But, i still don’t have high confidence in using the Cam & QR Code to determine if the garage door is closed or open.

Any chance of using a Wyze Entry Sensor for that purpose as an option for those who have Wyze Entry Sensors?


Is there a certain distance range the camera should be from the QR code? I mounted my camera a little behind the garage door opener, the QR code looks a little fuzzy on the camera view in the app (gotta get 2k cameras out!) and I wasn’t sure if that was causing an issue or not.

EDIT: I found , which says it should be between 3-15ft away. Mine is at 13ft, so I changed the Night Vision IR Lights to be “Near” since it’s inside a a garage, and did a re-calibration. Hopefully that solves it!

I too have an entry sensor on my garage door. What I would love is for wyze to add conditional rules. Then I could say:

  • AT 8pm
  • IF garage door entry sensor IS open
  • THEN close garage door

I ended up having to make my own QR code because the sticker was too small. My camera is a little further back than specs suggest, but I wanted to be able to see more of the garage than just the door. Took some patience but now it will calibrate!


Rule definitely has some bugs. I’m getting the door to close at the time checked. But then re-opens the door a few seconds after it just closed, Then sends a notification that the “Garage Door scheduled closing failed at xx:xx time”
I can use the on screen “Controller” button to close the door and it stays shut.

The re-calibration works fir about a week then it starts opening/closing again at the time the rule is set for it to be closed. About throw it away!

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And that is the reason I have low confidence in the GDC at auto closing my Garage Door for me.

Prior to the Wyze GDC being available, I already had another product in place the system (Chamberlain MyQ , I found it on sale for under $20 at the time) It has the ability to close my garage as well if left open as well. I’ll be testing it’s ability to provide those services.


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