Do I need a 24V AC transformer for the video doorbell?

Hi. I got my doorbell and was stoked. Wired things up and it’s not getting power. The Nest doorbell was still getting power when I reconnected it. The doorbell says 16V - 24V AC needed for power. Bought another doorbell kit with a new transformer, it’s 16V AC. Will this work? Should this work? My current transformer is 16V. Should I go ahead and return the doorbell kit (chime, buttons, transformer) and shoot for a 24V AC transformer? Also, I was able to get power to the doorbell by connecting it to the micro-usb on the back, just not the terminals. Has anyone else run into this? Yes, it’s all wired correctly :grin:. Thanks?!

I’m using a 16v so it should be fine. Do you have a voltmeter to check the voltage at the doorbell?

I got a new transformer, figured, why not. The new one (24v) still doesn’t power this thing. I’m pulling 18.4v at the doorbell. Getting a replacement from Amazon. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just get another v3 cam and forget the doorbell.

This is the Transformer I purchased, have no issues with it:

I set it up via USB, but hooked it up outside via the Doorbell terminals.

I know you said it’s wired correctly, but something’s not right. It sounds like something is still connected to the wiring that shouldn’t be.

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From what I can tell, everything looks right, but there are a lot of walls… The transformer is in the garage downstairs and the chime and two buttons upstairs. The Ring doorbell worked and only needs 10v. I’ll let y’all know how things work with the replacement after it arrives.

2 buttons? Can you post a picture of your chime where you bypassed? I really doubt it’s the transformer. You could test by wiring the doorbell right at the transformer to see if it boots.

In the end, the 2nd doorbell will be dead and essentially you’ll have a direct connection between the Wyze doorbell and the transformer. Depending on how your buttons are wired, could be your issue.

From this…

To this…

Absolutely. I put everything back to normal with my regular doorbell while I wait on the replacement (makes my wife happy). I’ll take pics along the way with the next setup. If it fails at the front door again I’ll try connecting direct to the transformer to bypass the wired leading from the transformer to the door and see if that helps.

Replacement got here, hooked everything up like before and this one is working great. Even left my transformer at 16v, but hey… I have 24v available if ever needed :grin:. Thanks for the responses!

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