DIY Home Security - monitoring and 911 calls in case of emergencies



Curious about what everyone is using for home security in combination with their Wyze cams?

I’m trying to build a DIY home security system using Wyze cams. I voted for a video doorbell but also think it would be great if we could have a local siren (maybe through Google Home) and monitoring service to call police/911 in case of a break-in when you’re traveling or unable to respond to alerts.


Monitoring services require UL listed devices (based on what they are monitoring) and seems unlikely. Certainly that would require vastly different hardware.


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While they can be used for monitoring, they should NOT be used for security.

They just have too many limitations for such a thing.

There would be WAY too many false positives & false negatives to be able to call enforcement officials. Most citys will now charge for nuisance calls as well, would hate to think of how much that will end up costing!

You could use IFTTT for the siren though, just need a siren that supports that, or get a smartplug that you can run a siren off of.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, everyone! Please feel free to share any thoughts about which doorbells you’re using.

ShadowCam - agreed, I don’t want to pay the city for false negatives! Considering getting a traditional security system like Simplisafe or a local security company.
IFTTT for a siren, that’s definitely an interesting project - thanks for sharing!


even an airplane flying overhead can trigger a notification.

please be considerate to others (you might be talking with one of your neighbours here on the forum, you never know) and dont leave any siren connected via ifttt to a wyzecam unattended.

the wyzecam has a neat feature where you can use its built in mic and speak (yell :grin:) two way to who ever triggered the notification .its quite loud too. so you can verify visually before making any noise.


Thanks sgi! Saved us some trouble! Cheers all, this has been a useful discussion.
Yeah, just yelling through the camera should work too! I’m going to go buy a couple of cams now!


I’m using for security. Couldn’t figure out a IFTTT solution for getting Wyze Pan to work with a smart power outlet that I’ve connected a 30 watt siren…so currently depend on motion notice to cell phone at which time I open smart outlet app to activate siren … while watching on Pan… not perfect but fix for now until coder or app pro comes up with way for motion detection to auto activate siren and notify me so I can disarm when all clear. Would rather be notified by phone call instead of text … have a PIPER system that does all this seamlessly, however they’ve been acquired by a corporate alarm monitoring company:worried:


Kinda liking the siren idea!