Diversify from Wyze?

So Wyze is pushing out new products. I wonder if continuing to place 100% of my WiFi devices under their umbrella is a good idea. I personally have had minimal issues but I don’t want to get stuck like I did when Wink basically died, came back from the dead and then blackmailed me.

Not a bad point. Wyze has still not proven it’s long term viability. And somebody could easily buy them and kill some or all of their products.

I tend to have at least two sources for each type of product because of that exact worry.

I haven’t had issues either well except with the door sensors but everything else has worked great for me. That been said I’d love to get more of my smart products under on umbrella and brand. I think they have a great vision and seem to be making the right moves to grow into the future.

I have never put all my eggs in one basket. My main “hub” is “Amazon Alexa.” In general, I do not need most of my devices to communicate directly with one another. I have very few alerts set, most annoy me. The few that are important to me push an alert on my cell phone, and a subset of those push to my band.

Wyze is probably the slowest among cameras pushing a detection alert, followed by being even slower to connect to a live view. Roughly 1 minute from the movement until live view is up.

Ring is faster to alert yet the live view delay is still frustrating with them. Can be 5 to 20 seconds total.

Same with asking Alexa to show a Wyze cam or my Ring Doorbell on my Fire TV or Fire Stick. Ring is a little slow, Wyze is not reliable. Wyze freezes more as well as is more likely to never connect.

Many of the Wyze devices are inexpensive so make it affordable to automate and experiment, with basic functionality.