Dissing Customers

Nope. Just got them delivered. It was the garage sale. Nonetheless, it wasn’t disclosed when they sent the order last week.

They did not sell any v1’s in the garage sale


Depends on the hardware Id say also. If the hardware, memory, cpu chip or whatever can still support the software updates then maybe the timeline is different for the other cameras.

And putting this out there…


Ah. Then he or she must have picked up some Pans (V1). As far as I know those are NOT losing any support now, so he or she should be fine. Support is being dropped (and again, they will still work fine so to me they haven’t dropped support) for the regular non-panning Wyzecams V1. So far as I understand.

Yes, simply having V1 in the name does not mean Wyze is dropping it.

All camera models go thru several design iterations during their lifetime. The fixed-view V1 was Wyze’s original camera. The fixed-view line of cameras are just called by their iterations – “V1”, “V2”, and “V3”.

The V1 was superseded by the V2. At the same time the V2 was introduced, the first version of the Pan Cam was introduced. So the Pan Cam V1 is the same technology as the fixed-view V2.

So they are not dropping support for the Pan Cam V1, just the original V1 fixed-view camera.


The reasoning unveils that Wyze is super shady. What day you @Wyze? This is bad behavior. Knew about the hack for a long time and didn’t tell customers or patch the issue.

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And here is another article:

There is a major ethics issue here executed by every employee who was aware of this. WTF were you thinking?

For the most part, no one here is an employee. We are customers, just like you.