Where do i start,

  1. magnet to hold camera not strong enough,

  2. would it go 3 months on battery not possible

  3. response is horrendous , not possible to use as notification.

  4. night viewing is not much better than the 20 camera

  5. connected only to ethernet (please , i need more cable in my house like i need another nose)

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The magnet on my camera is strong enough. I do agree that the battery life is very short, but it’s that way for all battery cameras. What ever number they use for the battery life, count on it being 1/4th that, because their ratings are with the camera in standby mode never being triggered or viewed. And yes, the notifications are terribly slow. Not sure why it’s way slower than with their wired cameras. As far as night vision, unless a camera uses starlight technology, it’s never going to be that great. And yes I totally agree that another product needing to be plugged into my router really sucks. This should be user optional for recording backups. But the cameras should be functional without it and use just the app and your home wifi, like other battery cameras do.